Saturday, August 01, 2015

On the Streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

There is never a day or a moment that one cannot find something to photograph in this exquisitely beautiful town.

The architecture alone, not to mention the people or the flowers or the gardens or some odd event.  Always, there are odd events.

Last Monday morning while sitting with the coffee klatch group, I turned and caught this photo.  Quickly I reached in my bag and grabbed my point and shoot digital camera.

 The mother sells handmade dolls and jewelry.  This day she had her son and daughter with her.

Obviously they had gone down to the Blue Door Bakery on Reloj and gotten one of their tasty treats.
 The little boy relished every morsel.  I would say it took him about ten minutes to eat all of it.
They were perfectly content to sit on the step and watch the passing people and the passing traffic.

Then as I turned back to the table, here came a mojiganga - a giant walking puppet with a person inside.
Usually they are only out for celebrations and late in the day when the jardin is jam packed with people on the weekends.  Why this one was out early in the day is anybody's guess.

Maybe he was just coming home after a long night of partying.  Ha.

Never a dull moment in San Miguel..............


La Tejedora said...

Not just the beauty and sweetness I love, it's the quirkiness that is so delightful. xo

Billie Mercer said...

La Tejedora, you nailed it. San Miguel is quirky and no one is better at catching it than Barbara!

Babs said...

Well, La Tejedora - I love the quirkiness as well. It is NEVER a dull moment here.

And Billie, you're so sweet. I'll have to relate to you in person a conversation I had yesterday with a prominent photographer in San Miguel. I told him how embarrassing I find my photos. They aren't particularly clear, they aren't well lighted. They are, as someone said, "memory photos". I think of your talent often and your equipment as well, but doubt, even if I had better equipment, that I would ever be a good photographer......... I do try to catch the quirkiness and fun of SMA with my dinky camera however.

Joan said...

Well. Anyway. I love your photos!


Babs said...

Thanks Joan........and thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Ah, another "only in Mexico" moment! I love the quirkiness of the whole country. It is literally *never* a dull moment.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we have a few quirky things too, but not nearly as many.

Babs said...

Kim, tis true. I really enjoy living somewhere that you never know what is going to happen and the eccentricity is absolutely apparent.

Unknown said...

We love your photos, you can tell they are taken with love. Looking forward to being there thanks in part to your photos and wonderful writeups.

Babs said...

Thanks Shelagh. I'm looking forward to handing over the keys to ya'll and expecting you to have a wonderful three months here!