Sunday, June 07, 2015

Imagination On Display

The other evening, on the spur of the moment, I drove over to my son's house to take home baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert for Matilda, Sebastian and John.  They went well with the homemade soup that John had made for their dinner.  After reading a couple of books to Mati and Seb (as they call each other), they wanted to do a play for us, with props and all.  Actually, I would say it was a mime as they never talked.  First Seb came out after they had set up a "tea table" and chairs.  He had on his bike helmet and what he called a briefcase.
                                                            The tea service was ready.
 Then Matilda appeared on the scene.  She had changed into a red dress that matched her "sparkle shoes" like Dorothy's from the Wizard of Oz.  I found those in Laredo eight months ago at Walmart.  Mati LOVES shoes, just like her Grammy.
                                                                   Seb toasted Mati.
                                      Mati appears to be drinking the best drink of tea of her life!
                        The scene changed as Mati added lots of jewelry.  Lots.  Reason? Who knows?
                   But, this was the pose after she finished decking herself out in all that jewelry and her hat.
 Sebastian felt the need for a suitcase to go along with his briefcase as Scout, the dog and Daddy watched .
                                            The whole thing ended with these two poses by Matilda.
                                              Sebastian patiently waits and looks slightly bored.

Inwardly I was chuckling.  This was the first time that Mati and Seb had entertained me in this way, but memories came streaming back from when my kids would have puppet shows and dress up shows and all kinds of other creative and imaginative endeavors.

If you've had kids, or been a kid, you probably have memories as well.  It's just a joy to observe little minds creating on the spot.  Don't you agree?


Shannon said...

Oh my goodness, I definitely do agree! I love your pictures and stories of your son and grandkids. You are so lucky to have them here so close to you!

Barbara Lane said...

What a lovely journey you've just taken us on!

Babs said...

Glad that ya'll enjoyed it as much as I did! It's so so fun to see childrens'
free minds and creativity.

marilyn said...

Your grandchildren are so precious!! I love how they set up an imaginative tea set & props & not a Mattel or Fisher Price version of a tea party.

I always enjoy seeing photos of the kids - & that includes Velcro!

Lena James (my id will say Marilyn)

Babs said...

Thanks Lena. I don't think the kids have Mattel or Fisher Price things...........which is a good thing, I think too.
Thanks for posting a comment!

sharkbait_Cordy said...

So wonderful to see a child's imagination at work. It seems so rare in the US because of the electronic world that seems to make life so much easier for parents...let the electronics entertain or read to them. I always enjoy your stories, seeing your photos. Thank you so much...Hi to your John along with love to each of you!

Babs said...

Thanks Cordy - I think its an advantage that John doesn't have a TV. So, the children find all kinds of other ways to play and have we did as children! It's a joy to see!

I'll pass on your message to John and hugs to you as well.......