Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm Up, Up and Away

But, not in a hot air balloon.   This photo was taken one Sunday morning.  It is highly unusual to see this many hot air balloons at one time.  It was around Easter.  Many tourists willing to pay the bucks to have
this experience.  For me, just photographing it is enough.

However, I am going up,  up and away on Wednesday but, in the blue skies of United.  Instead of driving the fourteen hours, it seemed way more sensible this trip to use Frequent Flyer miles and be there in two.

Off  I go for several weeks.  Returning just in time for the arrival of new tenants for the guest house and the rainy season.  Two good things.

The weather here has been magnificent.  Yesterday it barely hit 80F and is in the low 50's at night.  Sleeping with the doors open and having them open all day to enjoy the fresh air and breezes is a delight.

So, the guest house is rented.  All the projects are over.  I've had a couple additions of some new furnishings in my house and all is well with the world.  The gardens are a profusion of flowers, to put it mildly.

Now, off to Texas to enjoy walking the beach in Galveston.  Eating yummy seafood.  Visiting with dear friends and family in Galveston and Houston.  Experiencing my first granddaughter's graduation from college along with my youngest daughter Julie graduating from college as well!  It is going to be a rip roaring good time.  Old friends I haven't seen since the 80's have contacted me and while I'm in Kingwood, we hope to gather together with other friends to catch up on the last 30 years.  OH MY.

I'll need to return to San Miguel to rest up from all the fun and frivolity.  As I sit here writing, the church bells are pealing.  One of my favorite sounds on this peaceful day.

Hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, it is peaceful, beautiful weather and happiness in your life as well.


Life's a Beach! said...

Happy travels! It rained hard here last night. We have to suffer through hot June before our monsoon season starts.

Babs said...

Beck, our rainy season, in the past, comes mid-June. But the weather this year has been screwy. We have already had over 12 inches of rain, BEFORE the rainy season comes. Who knows what will happen next?

Billie Mercer said...

I'll be following along behind you. Have a great time in Texas.

Retired Teacher said...

Have a wonderful time! Buen viaje!

Bill in Austin said...

What's the nearest airport to SMA? That would sure best driving.

Babs said...

Hi Billie! Wouldn't it be funny if we ran into each other in Houston since we can't seem to find time to get together in SMA? Ha.

Have fun, whatever and whenever you're heading that way.

Babs said...

Thanks Bill - Hope the weather up north has finally begun to warm up.

Babs said...

Bill in Austin - Thanks for posting. The nearest airport is Leon (BJX) which is an hour from San Miguel. Another airport in Queretaro is equal distance, but I prefer Leon.

Anonymous said...

Well, have fun y'all!!!


Kim G
Boston, Ma
Where we remember our years at Rice fondly.

Babs said...

Well I will and am.although I'm still in Galveston, Kim. The weather here is like SMA, low humidity, cool nights and high 70's. It's miraculous.

Unknown said...

Dear Bab,
I've been following your blog for sometime now, living vicariously!
My husband and I will be in between houses from August thru January and have dreamed of renting a little place in San Miguel. Suddenly your name popped up! What better rescouce? I'm writing to ask if you have any rental resources or know of any safe,clean places to rent during that time frame? We would need a furnished property. .
I would appreciate any help from you at all, I.e. Books to read, etc.
Many Thanks,
Judy (