Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm not "lolly gagging" around!

It's been one of THOSE weeks with all kinds of things EVERY day.  Preferable are weeks with a couple of days of nothing, which I always manage to use to read a book or some such thing.

The week started last Sunday with a dear friend coming over for lunch.  Just her, so we could jump from subject to subject and catch up on months of stuff that has been going on in both of our lives.  What a joyful afternoon.

Monday, of course, is Koffee Klatch Day with lunch with the bunch afterwards.  It's great to see everyone so that you can find out what happened the past week and what IS going to happen in the coming week.
Usually it's about 3PM before arriving back at the casa.

That same evening there was a Santa Fe Workshop event for free at the Angela Peralta theater, but, I erred on the side of tiredness and didn't get there. An old, old friend, Keith Carter from Beaumont was speaking.
It would have been nice to connect.  Well, c'est la vie!

Tuesday was to meet a new acquaintance at 9AM! for breakfast at Cafe Monet.  They have the best breakfasts and absolutely the most delicious steel cut oatmeal in San Miguel.  It was intriguing to hear about the life of this woman from Montreal.  Lovely person.

After leaving her, I dropped off cushions and pillows to be recovered for the roof terrace, left a check for the SMA Writers Conference next February along with shopping for some fill in plants for the garden which were planted upon returning to the casa.  The pansies look great.

Wednesday the new computer guru was arriving at 9AM along with Josefina the maid, so instead of laying around when awakening at 7:30, it was necessary to jump out of bed, make coffee and await the arrival of the two.  Of course the computer guru didn't arrive until after 9:30AM. When will I ever learn?

Thursday morning was awakening to no electricity!  First thought is, "Did the bill get paid?"  Of course it did, but I did stick my head out the gate and ask the caretaker at the school if their electricity was off.  Yup, it was.  The whole block was off.  It had been off since around 4AM and didn't come back on til 11AM. That has not happened in years - that length of time.

Plans were to head to Ron and Fred's for lunch, to use their laundry facilities and to help them solve a design need.  All were accomplished, sort of.  Still working on the design solution.

Thursday night was dinner with friends that I met on my trip to Guatemala eight years ago.  They spend every summer in the states traveling in their large RV.  I live vicariously through their adventures and wish I was squirreled away in a compartment or something.

All at the table were avid travelers.  One couple has been to so many out of the way places on all continents.  It was fascinating to hear their stories. Great time.  Great conversations.

Friday dawned and that's the day to get to the jardin to see what is going on.  OMG, there were little kids dressed in costumes for every country.  I don't know if there was a parade or not.  They were all just milling around.  Then the mojigangas arrived.  Lots of laughter and squealing by the kids.

An acquaintance who lived here about thirteen years ago for a few years was in the jardin with her husband.  She and he live in California now.  It was nice to hear about their lives and their families.

On another note,  my grandson, Sebastian was injured at a party on Thursday night and required stitches in his neck.  He's home from the hospital and being a Grammy, I delivered his favorite home baked chocolate chip cookies to him at my son's house when I visited yesterday afternoon along with a hot lunch.

Whew!  It's now Saturday morning.  There WAS someplace I was going to go this morning but I said to myself  "STOP".  I think I need a down day with no agenda.  We'll see if that really happens...........It IS 10AM and I am STILL in my jammies........Here's hoping it's a quiet day!


Shannon said...

Whew! You do get around girl, LOL. I think that's what keeps you young, but I agree that a "down day" does need to be interjected into the fray every now and again.

Babs said...

Indeed Shannon. I think of ya'll often and miss seeing you and catching up...let's do that SOON!


Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading this post. I think I need a nap, LOL.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where leaves are falling and fall is arriving.

Anonymous said...

Taking notes...Café Monet is on the list now.
I love your busy days, but glad to hear you listen to yourself and take a down day here and there!

Babs said...

Kim, I saw photos of the turning leaves around where you live just the other day. So, so beautiful.

I must confess I have not left the house since Friday and yesterday did virtually nothing.

However, this morning I made homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs and bacon (seldom do this) and had a proper breakfast. A once in a while thing.

Babs said...

Angelinem - Cafe Monet has good food and a beautiful ambiance as well. The owner, Bill, is there most of the time. The staff is extremely competent and a delight to see.