Thursday, May 15, 2014

Under the Quilt

 One of my favorite, if not my most favorite place in the whole house, is this corner of the sectional sofa in the living room.  Especially if the weather is chilly, as it is today, and I can snuggle under the quilt as I read a good book.

What is it about a quilt that has that "safe harbor" feeling?  It's such a place of comfort and contentment whether I'm reading a book, listening to music or...........looking out the window at nature.
I find as I read,  from time to time, I look up at the view out these windows.  At the leaves shining or the trees swaying or the birds on the limbs of the trees.  Sometimes all of that.  It is such a restful and contemplative view.  What I love is that all I see is green which is such a restful color.  Another thing that I treasure is I"m not looking out at another house or people.  It's as though I'm in my own little natural world.
A tree house of sorts.

Where is your favorite place in your home?   It would be interesting to know.


Anonymous said...

The dining room. I've always been fortunate to have a dining room, separate from the kitchen and living room. Obviously, eating is an important part of life, but even though there's a table in the kitchen, I eat all my meals in the dining room.

But it's more than that. There is the table, which lends it surface to the temporary deposit of items. It's not a desk, and it's not a work table. It's just the dining room table. If I have something important to read, a magazine article I really want to pour over, I'll take it to the dining room.

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Redshoe, we always had a great dining room, then we went to Holland for two months after my husband was downsized from his job after over 30 years. We were licking our wounds and painting my brother in laws main floor. We stayed in his office space across the street in a fabulous flat. He had cool furniture that we rearranged. Ate breakfast at the dining room table but all other meals were by the wall of opening glass doors with a couch and two funky chairs with a marble pedestal base. It was awesome over looking a big rose garden and old church. His brother loved what we had done with the place, now we look forward to changing our set up in the future from the usual to the unusual.

Babs our favorite place has to be our backyard that sadly gets only four months usage a year, Vancouver BC can be a cold place. Every second the weather is good we are out there.
Gas fireplaces are wonderful for the instant atmosphere and chase away the damp!

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Marble table!!!!!

Babs said...

Jennifer and Shelagh. I'm LOVING hearing these stories along with your favorite place.

Jennifer, I hope to see your dining room some day - soon.

Shelagh, Isn't it interesting that at times when we think things are so bad, that life takes a different direction as you had in Holland. Love it!

Dean Wylo said...

Like you my favorite place is the place I love to read: my bed. My bedroom also feels like a tree house (isn't that wonderful?) as my wall of windows opens to trees and the room is on the second floor. Done in the colors that make me happy (apple green, pink, and white).

Linen sheets, a wonderfully drapey double linen duvet cover I use as just a cover in the summer when it doesn't hold my down comforter, and oh yes always a quilt (or two). Lots of fat down pillows against an upholstered headboard, surrounded by all my favorite things, a stack of yummy books just waiting their turn.

It's a place I always love being and feels serene no matter what else is going on in the world or in my life.



Babs said...

Barbara, your special place does sound just so cozy and wonderful. Your description took me there in my mind's eye.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jennifer. I love my dining room. I've never understood why some people who have dining rooms never use them. After the chaos of the kitchen, it's nice to have a meal in a separate place, removed from the pots, pans, and dirty dishes.

I also work at my dining room table, which gives me a great view into my living room, which is done in hunter green with jewel-toned accents of blue, maroon, and gold. After living in bland, white apartments for years, I wanted COLOR. I'm now very happy looking at it. I posted a picture in this post:


Kim G
Tehuacán, Puebla
Where Edgar is learning just how tricky picking paint colors can be.

Babs said...

Kim, I remember when you did post the photos of your house. I love the colors you chose for yourself.
I too love a dining room and since I have so little space here, it serves as many things as well. I love hearing what or where is a special place for people and friends who read the blog.
I think in this day and time, to have too much extra space is not conductive to living simply! ha.