Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Seen From a Different Angle

Someone posted this photo the other day on Facebook.  I clicked on it and realized it is a different angle of a view of my house!  If you click on the photo it will enlarge.

Then, if you look above the photographer's name, directly above it you will see a rust colored wall with a one story and two story house as part of the long wall.  THAT is my property.  The wall looks orange in the photo.  No matter.

I've never seen the property from this direction.  It shows me how many trees and greenery there is between the cliff and the reservoir which is called a presa in Mexico.  My view toward the presa includes the bluffs on the right side of the photo and if I turn left and look West, I see the mountain ranges to Guanajuato.  I probably look that way daily.  It's so, so beautiful

Anyway, I just thought it would be fun to share this beautiful photo that was taken in the Botanical Gardens of San Miguel.  That's something else that is so wonderful.  All the land I see that is undeveloped will remain that way since it is all reserved as part of El Charco Botanical Gardens.

I'm one lucky lady!


Retired Teacher said...

You must have an absolutely spectacular view from your house! It looks as if that photo was taken when the jacaranda trees were in bloom.

Babs said...

Yes, Bill, I think it is a new photo. I certainly have not seen it before.
I do indeed have a spectacular view. Not only the scenery but the eagles, vermillion flycatchers, and ibis. It's like living in a nature preserve.

Christine said...

What is that large expanse of water past San Miguel in the right upper corner of the picture?

Caddie said...

A beautiful scene. All the purple is astounding. What is that?

Babs said...

Christine, that is the Presa Allende or reservoir.

Sissy, that is our famous jacaranda trees blooming all over town. I have a huge one in my garden. They are so beautiful, even up close.

Ron Stephens said...

Yes you are, and don't you forget it, Missy!!!

Babs said...

Ron Stephens, Yes I are " a lucky lady" or "seen from a different angle?"

Calypso said...


Anonymous said...

You have a fantastic location, what with the view and relative proximity to the Centro.

I agree, you are lucky!


Kim G
DF, Mexico
Where we've taken your last comment to heart.

Babs said...

Destiny had a hand in me finding these houses even before I knew I was going to move to San Miguel!

I hope you allow destiny to guide you as well. It always works out!


lasvegasundressed said...


I've been reading your blog for the last 6 months and we arrived in San Miguel about 10 days ago. We had been on Ambergirs Caye in Belize for the last 14 months. San Miguel is exceptional! You wrote a post about a pharmacy in San Miguel where Mexicans rented their places out. We are happy where we are (Sierra Gorda). Can you divulge the pharmacy name? Have really enjoyed your posts!


Babs said...

Thanks Marcos for writing and welcome to San Miguel! I used to have friends who lived in Ambergis Caye - always wanted to get there, never did!

The pharmacy is Chelo's at the corner of Canal and Hernandez Macias. The son of the owner handles the rentals now I hear.

Also Craigslist for Guanajuato has listings for rentals in San MIguel.
Check that out......and of course, check out the ads in the Atencion paper which comes out every Friday (this week I believe it is on Thursday)

I'm SO glad you're enjoying SMA and interested in staying........stay in touch.