Saturday, April 05, 2014

Let The GOOD Times Roll!

I had decided a week ago to let this birthday sliiiiiiiiiide.  It wasn't one that ends in O or 5, so it is kinda a non-birthday, in my humble opinion.

Besides, to me, at this point in life, EVERY day is a birth day when I can wake up still on this earth!

Then on Wednesday last week as I was leaving Centro, I was "smacked upside the head" by a procession coming down Mesones.  A procession with mariachis, family and a hearse.  They were walking to the cemetery.  Some times I need a visual image to jolt my brain and senses.  This was indeed one of them.

As I drove home, after the procession and traffic had passed, I thought, "Honey, there will be a time of NO MORE birthdays!  You better celebrate each and every one of them."  I listened to my wise psyche.

The fun began on Thursday night with the joy of accompanying my friend Billie, who writes Reservations for One, which is on the blogroll to a benefit and book reading.  What fun.  The benefit was for Mujeres en Cambio, Women in Change.  It raises money for girls in the campo for scholarships to continue their education.  The organization was started about nineteen years ago.  One of the organizers was Marge Zap who is no longer with us.  Marge was instrumental in starting several NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to benefit the Mexican citizens of Mexico.

Billie and I wined and dined and laughed at the humorous book readings.  It was a delight to see many people that we both know along with good conversations.  Thanks to Billie for that delightful event.  It was the first of several more celebrations that will last til next Wednesday!

Geez, I must be getting REALLY old if there are these many celebrations!  Tomorrow is lunch at my most favorite place to dine, Hacienda de Montitlan which is just up the hill from me.  Delicious food, awesome ambiance along with the best service in town!  Notice I used the word, dine?  Indeed this is a 4 or 5 course pre-fixe menu and it is served leisurely.  It allows for conversations that can be heard while watching the trees wave in the wind as the birds sing.  A complete dining experience.

Monday is the wacky Koffee Klatch group.  I have NOT mentioned my birthday to them in hopes that some silly hats or some other ploy won't show up at our tables.  I'm bringing a coffee cake and some Birthday napkins in order to surprise THEM!  Hopefully that will be the case.

Tuesday is lunch with another group of dear friends.  One of which has her birthday on Tuesday, while mine is on Monday.  We try, always, to get this group of compatible, interesting women together.  It's fun to hear about where they are traveling to next or what they are creating or whatever.

Wednesday will be the final celebration for me, thankfully, with lunch with a food writer.  I'm looking forward to that as his writing is delightful and witty.  I've been approached to write a Restaurant Review column for a publication, but that sounds way too much like that four letter word, W-O-R-K!

I guess the bottom line is, If you're alive CELEBRATE!  I am and intend to do more.........wish all of you were here to join me!


Retired Teacher said...

Sounds like a fun line-up of events. ¡¡Feliz cumpleaños!!

Brenda Maas said...

Happy Birthday, celebrate life.

Babs said...

Hi Bill and Brenda! Thanks so much for the good wishes. Woouldn't it be wonderful to all be together to celebrate?

Christine said...

H-a-a-a-p-p-p-Y Birthday t-o-o-o-o YOU!

Steve Cotton said...

Happy birthday, pal. It will be strange not to spend any time in your neck of the woods this year.

Anonymous said...

You're too funny, Barbara. You go from "No celebrations -- please!" to nearly a week of festivities befitting a queen in a few short paragraphs!

You go girl!

Wish I could be there to share the fun.


Kim G
Puebla, Puebla
Where our social life has taken a delightful turn for the better.

Babs said...

Christine, Steve and Kim - SEE I would so LOVE to celebrate with the three of you and more of my fellow bloggers. Do you think that could EVER happen? Christine, I NEED to get to DF to meet and Steve, what can I say? Definitely, you can come and I'll find a place for you. Just give me the word.
Kim, I'm glad you're having a wonderful time of discovery.

Croft Randle said...
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Croft Randle said...

Happy Birthday, Babs! Celebrate and wear the silly hat if you must!

Babs said...

Croft, thanks for the good wishes. I SHALL wear the hat, or crown or whatever. It WILL be fun.

Dean Wylo said...

Hope each day is more fun than the last. I will raise a toast to you on the 7th!


Babs said...

Thanks Barbara - That will make it even that much more special!

Droelma said...

I hope that today is a very special day ! For the next year I hope all your days will be filled with Health, Love and Laughter. Congratulations !

Babs said...

Thanks Droelma..........I looked at your former blog and was so impressed with your knitting and working with textiles! Are you still creating?

Droelma said...

Yes, just last night during " Game of Thrones " I finished this.

as a birthday present for a friend tomorrow. I made it out of very thin lace weight yarn ( 70% cashmere and 30% silk ) and hope she likes it. I have fallen in love with the piece and will knit one for myself during my vacation at my cabin in Mazunte, Oaxaca, leaving this Thursday....I also plan to do some wool dying with natural plants while I am there.

Babs said...

Droelma, that shawl is absolutely breath taking. So lovely. Your friend will be thrilled.

Enjoy your vacation. Sounds heavenly to have a cabin in Oaxaca. I'm not familiar with that village. I'll see if there is anything about it online!

Thanks for writing.

Droelma said...

Mazunte is actually quite a modest kind of way. It is right on the beach where there is now a very famous turtle rescue center. Before that unfortunately people in Mazunte made a living from the very gruesome slaughtering of sea turtles. Luckily things have changed for the better. If you just google " Mazunte, Oaxaca " you will discover much interesting information. I love Mazunte because even though it is within 30 minutes of Puerto Escondido and the other famous places, it has nothing of the noise, night life and hoop-la, but since quite a few italians have settled in Mazunte, there is good food and for me good bread....the kind of bread that is even difficult to find here in the capital.

Babs said...

Earlier today I did a search and read a bunch. What a lovely place. What airport would one fly into that would be the closest? THAT is my kind of place!
I would think its pretty warm there now but its definitely a thought for the month of January 2015

Droelma said...

The closest airport is Puerto Escondido and from there it's 30-50 minutes to Mazunte by car, or an hour by bus, but the service is not really that reliable.