Monday, March 10, 2014

The Cat's Meow

 THIS is Velcro's typical position.  Especially in the evening as I watch TV and she recovers from her day of wandering in the canyon or whatever a former feral cat does during the day.  At night she sleeps, thankfully.
When I first return from a trip, she does not leave my side.  If I go upstairs, she follows.  If I go downstairs, there she is - sort of like a dog!  The above two positions are typical and can be seen on any given day.

However, while I was in Houston, other cat lovers told me about a gizmo called "Cat's Meow" that their cats absolutely loved.  One way or the other.  One of their cats tried to catch the little wand that circles.  The other cat just pounced on the whole darn thing and laid there to prevent it from going anywhere. Funny, but effective.
 Hmm, I wondered if Velcro would play with something like that.  I doubted it but bought it anyway.  Probably the first purchased toy in her eight years of living with me.

I finally set it up the other night on the bed so I could watch IF she did anything or not.  When you push a little button on the top, a sort of high pitched whine is emitted.The cats ears went forward and she went into "alert"mode.  I was really surprised. Velcro has never been a playful cat.  Well she does jump out at me from time to time.  Of course when I least expect it and scares the heck out of you!
It was astounding to watch her play and play for quite some time.  Until I could not stand the high pitched whine any longer.  She could not figure it out.  I then folded it up and put it away.  The next day when she jumped up on the bed, she looked all over for it so it was evident that she remembered it!  Surprising to say the least.

I've now decided that the best thing to do is set it up upstairs while I'm downstairs and let her enjoy it to her cat's content.  It will be interesting to see how long the toy lasts or if she will shred it to pieces.  Or perhaps she'll catch the wand and eat it!

Stay tuned for the outcome of Velcro's attack against the Cat's Meow.


Steve Cotton said...

I have seen it advertised on television during my recent trips north. The motion seems to be something a cat would enjoy. I had no idea there was a noise associated with it as well. But I am glad Velcro is enjoying it. She has fallen into a real plush deal.

Babs said...

Indeed Steve. IF there is reincarnation, I'm coming back as a cat! ha..... said...

So where did you buy it? I will have to get one for our felines and see which one of the three will tear it up.

Babs said...

Kay, they have them at CVS and Walgreen's for $19.99 The TV ad does not have the high pitched whining sound, I can assure you!

houstonpatrick said...

Told ya so ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh when you post about Velcro it always makes me want another cat. How do you keep her from clawing your furniture? My former cat was feral too before she adopted us, and the furniture was forever having to be covered.

They are such wonderful company aren't they?


Sharon said...

Mrrr, orange tabbies have the best dispositions! I'm going to buy one of these toys for our feral cat fundraiser auction in May! It's kitten time in MA and I am expecting to receive a litter to foster any day now.

What a wonderful life that she has, Barbara.


Babs said...

Indeed Patrick, your graphic description of how your cat pounced on the Cats Meow prompted me to buy one! What fun. Thanks always for your upbeat friendship!

Babs said...

Barbara, funny that you mention that. I have never seen Velcro claw anything until yesterday. I looked out the windows and there she was clawing the trunk of one of the trees. I was surprised. I don't have a cat box either and she lets me know when she wants to go out. Never in 8 years has she had an accident in the house. Believe it or not, I have found you CAN train a cat, sort of.

Babs said...

Sharon, how fun to have foster kittens! I've never known someone to do that except for my daughter Jennifer who used to feed and comfort feral cats until they were no longer feral and then find homes for them!

I've always been a dog person but Velcro has been interesting and sweet to observe.

Sharon said...

Kitty cats, butterflies and gardens - Jennifer was a gentle soul and how wonderful that she graced your life.

P.S. MA has the highest number of feral cats on the east coast. Cats were considered good luck on ships in the 1700's, and particularly those that were polydactyl. At the end of ship's voyage they were released and then the ships' captains would set sail again, returning with more "good luck charms" in tow!

I've been fostering them and adopting them out for many years. :-)


Babs said...

Sharon, what interesting information about cats!

And yes, Jennifer was a gentle soul, always. Add to that her precious little boy (who is now 15) and those four things were the joy of her life.......