Saturday, March 15, 2014

And the beat goes on..........real estate beat that is........

I will admit that I'm borrowing from my friend Steve's blog over at Mexpatriate - In the Key of Steve.  He's over in the blogroll on the right hand side.  He confirmed a statistic that I used sometime in the last nine months about the number of ex-pats in Mexico.  The stats are contrary to what the real estate agents are stating over and over and over again.

I was told by an INM (immigration) official that the total number was around 200,000.  NOT one million as you read over and over in every darn publication because writers always interview realtors.  It's simply NOT true.

The last definitive information, according to Steve, is from an INM report of October 31,2009.  Here are the true numbers - A total of 262,672 expats from everywhere.  Americans, 59,996 and Canadians, 10,869.  I would venture to say most of the Canadians are on the West Coast.  At least it seems that way if you're in Puerto Vallarta and all points up and down the coast.

I actually think that there are more Americans and Canadians in Ajijic and Lake Chapala along with Mexico City then in San Miguel.  But, the realtors here are interviewed more often and they hype these made up numbers thinking it will get more people to move here.

In all actuality, many people have told me they wouldn't consider San Miguel because the latest number being trumpeted by a local realtor is 15,000 Americans!  And who wants to live with that many Americans?  Their words to my ears.

Most of the expats I see in San Miguel are tourists.  And, believe me, there have been a slew here this winter!  Whew.

The above photo is a hot air balloon that swooped down right by the house one morning this week.  It's usually around 7:30AM.  Even though the door is closed and the drapes are drawn, there is something magnetic about the swooshing sound of a hot air balloon that always gets me out of bed!  It's just a sight to see, every single time!

A GREAT way to start the day.


Dean Wylo said...

What a magical sight to see! And first thing in the morning to boot!

I've no room to talk admittedly, as I'm moving to San Miguel as soon as I retire, however I love that some folk don't want to move there thinking there's too many expats. Nice. It's sort of like people thinking it rains all the time in Seattle and they don't want to move here. It's fine with all of us here that the city has that reputation - otherwise the population might explode.

Oh I can't get over that hot air balloon....have Matilda and Sebastian seen it?


Anonymous said...

The problem with there only being about sixty thousand Americans in Mexico is this. How then do you get millions of them gunned down every year by drug gangs? Right? The math simply doesn't support it. So the million-plus Americans in Mexico supports TWO outrageous myths.

So don't go getting all factual on us.

We'd rather have our drama.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we are wondering why, nearly a half hour later, our most recent blog post isn't showing up on either your or Steve's sidebar.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Those figures you've cited come from the Mexican government. Why are you assigning a greater level of trustworthiness to those figures than others? Do the just seem more reliable because those numbers contain a variety of digits? Governments are no more trustworthy than contractors, gypsies and real estate salespeople.

What those numbers do omit are the dual citizens. I'm not included in those numbers, and neither is Dr. Zapata. The thousands of Mexicans who were born on the north side of the Rio Bravo to Mexican mothers aren't included. There are still a goodly lot of foreigners who are living in Mexico illegally as well as those living here on serial tourist cards. They don't enter into the equation.

Remember, foreigners don't always look Anglo. And many foreigners don't speak English.

Babs said...

Thanks Barbara - No Matilda and Sebastian have never spent the night here so they haven't seen the hot air balloons........WHEN are you retiring?

Babs said...

I guess I'm giving them trustworthiness because I've now heard it from two sources in Immigration! I have no reason to doubt them either.
I realize that there are many expats that are not Anglos. Such as the Italians being the largest expat group in San Cristobal and the French and Italians in Playa del Carmen. In addition, the largest group in our are, surprise, are Asians! Yup, they are busy in the factories in Silao, and Leon both in automotive, aviation in Queretaro and footwear and leather in Leon! By the way, my granddaughter was born in Celaya and has dual citizenship so I'm aware of that as well.........Thanks though for making those points. They are indeed important. I doubt sincerely, those that have fallen through the reporting crack add up to 750,000 people however. That's kinda a stretch, don't you think?

Dean Wylo said...

Alas I have four more years to go. I'm now culling, paring down, getting paperwork in order, preparing for the move. I have been watching apartments/casitas on craigslist for a very long time even though it's premature to rent one.

Four years seems life forever on one hand, and with all there is to do will go by in a flash on the other. Still....oh how I wish (though I don't want to wish my life away) that I could move now! The live web cam is ALWAYS on full screen and I live there in my head every spare moment.


Babs said...

Wow, that is a long time. You're a good planner. Do you come to SMA often or just live vicariously through the webcam and blogs.....

Croft Randle said...

BBC is reporting many illegal Americans and Canadians living in Mexico. It is very easy to fly under the radar and even if they are caught, it is only a $50 fine.

I have personally met many North Americans living in Mexico on FAR less than the minimum income required for residency. If this is so, they cannot be there legally. But still, I agree the one million figure is exaggerated.

Dean Wylo said...

I come once a year. Other than that I live vicariously.


Steve Cotton said...

I am willing to bet the hot air causing that balloon to rise was provided by real estate agents.

Babs said...

Steve, that is funny!

Croft, I too know many living here on around $600 a month! I think they should get applauds for surviving on that......