Saturday, February 08, 2014

Candelaria - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - 2014

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is a chapter, at least, of the beauty of this year's flower show that coincides with the celebration of Candelaria.  Altars are set up,  Baby Jesus statues are blessed in the churches and celebrations of flowers are ongoing every year.

This year I have gone twice.  Somehow, with sheer will power, I have NOT bought one thing.  No herbs, no baskets, no small plants for 10 pesos, ($.80 cents).  Nada.  It certainly has been tempting.  I also need macetas (pots).

However, I have decided to be prudent and wait til I return to purchase any more gardening things.

These wonderful vendors come from all over Mexico with ferns, orchids, exotic bromeliads.  You name it.  It is here!  The anthurniums in one of the photos, red waxy plants, are something even as a child I was enchanted to see.  They don't look real.  I don't think I saw them very often.  Maybe once or twice.  Imagine the excitement when I saw them growing in the ground, I think, near the State of Puebla.  A sight I never expected to see.  Millions of them for as far as the eye could see.  The same with roses.

Today I saw rose bushes for 25 pesos, about $ 2 USD.  I wanted to gobble up at least ten but then remembered what the cutter ants did the last time I tried that.  Ensalada rose!  All that was left was the plant.  No flowers, no leaves.  Ha.  Not this time!

If you're in San Miguel, I hope that you have taken time to stroll the walkways of Parque Juarez to enjoy the fragrance and beauty of the flower show.  It's delightful!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...
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Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Wow, splendid colours, I wish I had smellevision!

This post I tried without typos. I usually manage to slip one in.

gringosuelto said...

Those plant prices sound like quite the bargain. I'd love to have a Mexican garden, filled with fuchsias, roses, honeysuckle, and all manner of other flowers. Hummingbirds would be buzzing around constantly, and a wind chime would sound gently in a corner.

I'll bet that's what your garden is already like.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where just about everything is doing its best to fake death. Except for the hardy yews.

Babs said...

No problem Peter. I'm thrilled that you comment! Yes, the colors are spendid!

Kim, indeed, the garden has no fuchsias, roses but does have many other flowers including honeysuckle and other things with great fragrance. No wind chimes as I don't want to disturb the hummers or the other birds......I would like a pretty hummingbird feeder one of these days but just to hang and not put food in as, according to my son, is not good for the hummers. The vermillion flycatchers are back as well as a bird trilling across the canyon this evening. No breezes - just total silence other then the wildlife. A beautiful gift.
I think it is amazing that plants up north come back after brutal winters. When I was a little girl, my mother's roses bloomed during a snow storm in Chicago!

Retired Teacher said...

I think you would enjoy the Jamaica market in Mexico City. Not a whole lot of potted plants to put in your garden, but over 1000 vendors selling arrangements and cut flowers. 5000 different types of flowers and plants are supposedly for sale.

Babs said...

In the 70's I went to a flower market in mexico, but don't remember the name of it. It reminded me of Amsterdam. THAT big.

I NEEd to come to Mexico for a few days at least LOVE the city and haven't been there in a few years.

Cheryl said...

I was so excited to be there for the first day of Candelaria for the first time ever. Gorgeous stuff! I wanted to buy everything and I don't even have a house there yet.
Good luck with your surgery. Keep me posted.
I will be back March 30 for almost 2 weeks.

Calypso said...

There are powders that will eliminate the cutter ants (or at least divert them). I notice that whatever they strip clean always grows back - so they do not kill the plants - farmers I guess?

Sharon said...

Now I'm officially envious. :-) The only sign of anything green here is the lamium that seems to survive under the snow (I'll never understand how it does this!) and the pots that are growing in my windows.

Your son is correct about the hummers. I have two feeding stations in my back yard, but they need to be cleaned out everyday and I use only white sugar in the syrup that I make for the feeders. These tiny birds are susceptible to mold and bacteria. The babies are particularly fragile.

Back to endless "wintah" - written with a Boston accent!


postcardsfromsanantonio said...

The Mister read there are 30,000 hotel rooms (sounds high?) in San Miguel, and they were all full last weekend. Hope a few of the rooms have emptied out. Anyway, we'll be adding another pair of bodies into the mix of visitors in time for the final day of the Candlaria plant sale.

Babs said...

Postcards fro San Antonio - No way there are that many hotel rooms in San Miguel. To look for a B&B or hotel, go to
Only two large hotels, Sierra Nevada and Rosewood. The rest are small, maybe 12 rooms or less.

Babs said...

Cheryl, see you when you return, hopefully.......Not buying anything at Candelaria takes all the will power one has......for sure.

Babs said...

Calypso, I've used the white powder, poison for 13 years. It makes no difference, they just move to another plant. We have even doused their huge nests below ground. They will outlive us all.
This year I just gave up and admire their tenacity.

Babs said...

Sharon - I can't imagine living in the North. Especially this year....Two months of cold here is more then enough for me....

Shannon said...

I haven't had a chance to get there yet this year. I do need some herbs!

Babs said...

Shannon - They have plenty of herbs. I almost bought mint yesterday but knew of I bought one thing, I'd buy a lot!

I think it ends tomorrow..........