Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Here's a Few to Share - Boxes and Boxes of Photos

 This past weekend I went through boxes and boxes of photos that were taken prior to purchasing a digital camera.  Lotsa old photos from my travels worldwide.  Including photos of Mexico in the 70's and thereafter. 

It will take time to scan the old photos into the computer using Adobe Photoshop, one by one.  But, I will.  Someone who reads the blog asked to see some old photos.  I was really amazed at some I have of the Lake Chapala area before there was hardly a village called Ajijic. Some others are of Mismaloya, south of Puerto Vallarta, when there were only two houses on the hillside and a few old palapas left over from the John Huston movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  The year those were taken was 1978.  Amazing.

I also came across photos of the first restaurant that I designed and the last resort I designed.  Sooner or later I'll share all these with you.

Now, to these four that I'm sharing today.  This crucifix is embedded in the wall of a little house on Homobono which then becomes Cuesta de San Jose as it goes up the hill.  One day walking to the mercado I noticed that someone had inserted a white rose in a crack in the cross.  I stopped and snapped this photo.
This is one of my favorites.
 Speaking of Cuesta de San Jose, (the hill of St. Joseph), shown in this photo is a procession carrying the statue of St. Joseph to the little church farther up the hill.  Our processions and parades are seldom grand or expensive.  They are the citizens honoring or celebrating a saint's day or whatever.  I heard the drums at my house and headed down to the corner to see this procession.  This was taken at about 5PM, hence the shadows........Another of my favorite photos.  St. Joseph's Day is March 19th. I know that because my Dad's name was Joseph.
 Again, one evening I was on Canal headed somewhere when I looked up and saw the shadows and intensity of color on these buildings.  The year was 2004.  I took this photo and used it for my Christmas card that year.  It was taken in September.  Hence the Mexican flag and the decorations in anticipation of the festivities that month.
Although this photo looks posed, I can assure you it is not.  This woman used to sit on Allende daily to sell flowers.  As I came out of a shop one day, I could not resist taking this photo.  If I had any room left to hang one more thing, I would have this blown up and have it on the wall to enjoy daily.  She is so beautiful.

As I wrote last week, this is a photographer's paradise.  I think anyone would be hard pressed to take a bad photo.  It is such a joy to live somewhere that is so visually beautiful and poignant.

Interestingly, I wasn't out looking for things to photograph when I took these.  In fact, usually I'm trying to get my little digital camera or whatever I used to have out of my purse before the shot is gone.

Then I'm always so surprised when I get to see them on the computer screen these days.  What treasures!

Hope you enjoy them as well.


Rick said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures -

Babs said...

Thanks Rick. I had forgotten about them and it was a nice surprise to find them in the boxes.

Anonymous said...

Cool photos! I'm looking forward to more.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we bought a negative scanner about six weeks ago, and then decided it was way too slow to use on all of our negatives, LOL.

Babs said...

When I sorted all the photos a few years ago, I threw all the negatives away. WHAT was I thinking?

Life's a Beach! said...

That photo of the woman selling flowers is gorgeous!

Calypso said...

Of course a designers eye would translate to good photography.

'Look forward to more of the same - gracias.

Babs said...

Beck, isn't that woman amazingly beautiful. She isn't there anymore, sadly.

Calypso, it's the camera that is so darn good. It's just a cheapy digital Panasonic Lumix. I just point and shoot. It would be a dream to have a better camera but I'm grateful, at least, to have this one!