Friday, December 27, 2013

SNOW boots...........Yes or NO?

This time of the year when I'm putting away the fifty-two years of acquired Christmas decorations, it is always a nice feeling to have the house feel slightly empty.  (My house will NEVER be completely empty).
As I do this, it seems I find things I forgot I had as they haven't been used in quite a while.

I opened a drawer in the sideboard in the dining room to put away candles.  That little drawer had not been cleaned out in well, YEARS, if ever.  I didn't even count the number of long candles that are in there but it appears rather then looking for candles, I've just gone out and bought more.  There were flamingo straws, Tiki umbrellas for drinks and teeny tiny crepe paper flowers to use on gifts.

Some of those things, especially the tiki umbrellas, I don't even remember buying so obviously they have been around for quite a while.  Perhaps I brought them from Texas thirteen years ago!  Now I'll remember them this spring and have a luncheon or party where flamingoes and tiki umbrellas will reign.

As I was getting something out of my closet that I had stashed there in order to have all the Christmas stuff out, I spied the snow boots.

I have an emotional attachment to them.  Even though I haven't worn them since 2009 during my romantic interlude in West Virginia at Christmas.  They were purchased for me since I had arrived in West Va with flipflops and tennis shoes.  The snow on the 20th of December reached knee high levels and stayed that way until after Christmas.  In order to leave the house, I needed snow boots!  I remember laughing out loud at all the clothes I had on along with what I called lumberjack boots.
In retrospect, and even at the time, it was great fun!   I loved creating an angel in the snow there in the country where the only other living creatures were the deer that were nestled near the house.

It's time to not have so many candles..........and snow boots, don't you think?  I think its time to clear out and make room for nothing else.

I think I can do without that many candles, but, I'm not sure there won't be one more time in the snow, some day, some, back in the closet they go.  To rest, with the memories that I have attached to them.
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Steve Cotton said...

When I was divesting myself of my worldly goods at the start of last year, I discovered a little trick. If I thought I would hang onto something solely for its sentimental value, I wrote about it on my blog and then gave away the item. The blog is now the repository of the memory.

My vote? Pass along the candles and the boots. You will always have the memory.

Babs said...

Steve, the candles I'll use - the boots, not so much! although today it is cold enough and rainy enough that I could use them as RAIN boots.
Sheesh. said...

Oh dear...I love my hippee snow boots and even wear them here in Houston occasionally. They must be 30 years old but I love them dearly. I even guerilla glued the soles back on a couple of years ago. But alas, I, like you, am thinking it may be time to give them up but not until I wear them one more time.

Babs said...

Geez, Kay, maybe I should bring them up the next time I come and we should wear them to Tookie's! That would cause a scene, ha.

Today I had such a craving to go to Tookie's for a rookie tookie.....wish they could ship!

Unknown said...

I always wondered what happened to Mr. West Va., bless his little heart.

Babs said...

Dana, if you email me privately, I'll share that with