Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday in Parque Juarez - San Miguel de Allende

It started with breakfast at Cafe Monet.  Me, my favorite oatmeal.  Sebastian, Matilda and their Dad, John, had eggs, bolillo's, pancakes, bacon and orange juice.  Oh my, what a feast!

Even though it was nippy early in the morning, around 50, off we trekked to Parque Juarez for a fun filled hour or so on the swings and slides.

Sebastian loves the swings.  The higher, the better.  He yells and giggles.  Matilda is the same way but not to the degree that Sebastian is.  I looked at the photo above.  I was startled that Sebastian now looks EXACTLY like his dad did at this age.  I have a zillion pictures to show that are startlingly alike.
Yup, he is his Dad's son!

Matilda looks reflective in this photo.  Then she got into the fun and was giggling along with Sebastian.
After the swings, it was up on the slide.  I love to see how they enjoy doing things together.
Matilda is ALWAYS watching over Sebastian.  Such a sweet trait.  Here they were
playing a game with their dad of seeing who got to the bottom first.  John would say, "One, two three, GO"  With squeals of delight, down the slide they would go to see who would "win".

Over and over this went on.  They never seemed to tire of climbing back up, just so they could go down again.

Then Sebastian wanted to hold Matilda's hand.  Don't you just love this photo?

I certainly do.  I'm so grateful for every minute that I get to be with them and watch
them interact and to watch them having fun with their Daddy.

Life is good.
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Billie Mercer said...

Such beautiful children. I know how much you appreciate being with them.

Babs said...

Indeed, I just wish I had the energy I did 20 or 30 years ago!

Ron Stephens said...

Looks like it was indeed a beautiful day....