Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Case of the Blahs!

I know it is the weather.  It has been raining since last Saturday!  This is Tuesday.  It's not supposed to be this way.

It is nearly death defying to get on the freeways in this kind of weather.  Yesterday I left Kingwood, a northern suburb of Houston to drive back on the freeway for another eye doctor appointment.  Woo hee, I was relieved to get off that freeway and still be alive.

It was raining hard but you would never have known it from the speed of the cars and the big semis going way over the speed limit.  I just kept hoping no one had to slam on their brakes as it would have been a disaster of epic proportions.

The latest on the eye fiasco is that the prescription for a new contact lens was incorrect.  Of course this is Thanksgiving week and the chance I'll have the new one before everything shuts down is slim, very slim, to none.  They said "Maybe".  I'm slightly bummed as I was ready to head home to San Miguel next Sunday.  Oh well..........

It is really interesting how clouds and rain zap me of all energy.  I have a list of things I want to get done but truly will have to force myself to get out in this weather today to accomplish anything.

Does rainy, cold weather do that to you?

Tomorrow I become a Grammy again and head back to Kingwood to cook Hannah's favorite birthday dinner including an angel food cake with whip cream frosting.  There's a story there.  It's a family tradition.  As I grew up, my mother always made one for me and my brother's birthday.  I, of course, did the same for my children.  However, I was truly surprised when Hannah said it is her favorite cake too and would I make that for her.  "Gladly", I said.  I'll head up tomorrow with Andrew's superman pajamas and Hannah's gifts.  Andrew doesn't read so I can say what I'm getting for him but Hannah does so I'm not divulging her gifts until she opens them.  They'll be 16.  Hard to believe.

Unfortunately I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner as other plans have been made.  It will be a different day but I'm open to see what it will be like to not be cooking all day........At least I'll be with family as even Jessica is coming home from college.  YEAH.  Four grandkids to snuggle with in front of the fireplace.

Tonight will be fun!  Going to brave the weather to get out with my friend Bob to hear Peter Case in concert at the Mucky Duck.  A great music place in Houston.  An intimate venue where you feel like you're in an English pub. It is the destination for many talented artists.

Since my posts have been sporadic on this trip, I'll wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you will be just in case I don't post again before the big day.

Hope the sun comes out soon to chase the blahhhhhhs away.


jennifer rose said...

Strangely, I find cold weater, and particularly rain, amazingly energizing.

Steve Cotton said...

I am with Jennifer on this one. But you could have guessed that. My idea of a perfect day is 55 degrees, drizzle, and a gray sky.

Babs said...

Geez Steve - maybe that is because that is what you are familiar with - I cannot still understand why in the world you left Oregon then.

Babs said...

Jennifer, isn't it great that no two people are made alike! Luckily we seldom have cloudy rainy days in SMA so its not an issue there. And, usually when it is cloudy and rainy, its not cold, thankfully....

Calypso said...

"Does rainy, cold weather do that to you?"

YES - I am with you on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the rain. In Boston we get these horrible days where it's about 35 degrees F, and rainy. In my opinion that's even worse than snow.

And I'm with you on the freeways in the rain. I tend to be a "lead foot" in good conditions, but I always slow down for bad conditions. I don't get why most people don't do that.


Kim G
DF, Mexico
Where driver craziness is taken to a whole other level.

Babs said...

So glad to know that you, Calypso and Kim both agree that the weather affects your energy and moods. I woke up to sun today and just sighed with joy.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs - Because weather is not a major factor in where I live -- despite that silly list I drafted up back in 2008.