Thursday, October 31, 2013

Roots on the Rails - Chihuly Gardens, Seattle Washington

As if we had not all had enough sensory overload with the views, the music, the train and the meals, we arrived in Seattle only to experience Chihuly Gardens on Wednesday.

However, before I got to those photos, I just had to share some more of the magnificent unpopulated areas that we saw on our way up the coast.

As we turned inland, we entered farmland.  Crops of every description as we traveled through the garlic capital of the world, the artichoke capital of the world and who knows what else!

A TOTAL unexpected wonder was that the trees were still turning.  We were treated to trees in a rainbow of colors.  The colors in Seattle were stunning.  Who knew?  I certainly was entranced to
experience this natural wonder.

I never knew what river we were crossing.  Heck, I hardly knew what small town we were going through unless, perhaps they had a sign and a train terminal.  It didn't really matter.  It was ALL

Tuesday night we arrived in Seattle.  Eating dinner and resting up for the next day's adventures was the order of the night.

Pike's Market, Chihuly Gardens ( was at the top of my list.
I was NOT disappointed.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Even though the fog was as thick as pea soup, it didn't deter from the mastery of glass. 

As if all of this wasn't enough, we had a concert Wednesday night at the Tractor Tavern!
A perfect day and night.
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sparks_mex said...

Had to look at your link for the Chihuly Gardens because it wasn't there when I left in 2005. Sounds like it is in the "Seattle Center". His exhibits have been around for years. I doubt Dale makes anything these days but just oversees his studio.

Also could not remember where the Tractor Tavern was but knew it was in my old stomping grounds of Ballard.

I'll be back up there next year to see the constant changes

Kay Cox said...

Chihuly's Garden pieces were installed at the Dallas Arboretum last year...truly amazingly beautiful in the outdoors where the light is always changin.

Babs said...

Sparks, the gardens are literally at the base of the Space Needle. I have more photos to post tomorrow. One of the Space Needle in the fog and one in the sun!
I saw a video at the gardens of Chihuly directing an installation.
Absolutely beautiful. By using all black for floors, walls and ceiling, photographing was a delight.

Babs said...

Kay, if the sun had been out and not fog, I think it would have been even more spectacular!
They ARE making similar things in tallers in Mexico now.........
Heck, I couldn't even afford a DVD there, much less anything else.

Babs said...

Sparks, YES the Tractor Tavern was just like McCabe's - one of those "locals" places with bare bones seating but great sound! THAT concert was outstanding. We were lucky to get seats!

Ruth Frank said...

So glad you got to the Chihuly center. It is spectacular. You cannot take a bad photo there. Thanks for sharing the Roots on the Rails trip. I have bookmarked their website for future consideration.

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks for taking me along on a trip to myformer home. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful. Even in the rain.

Babs said...

Steve. luckily we only had fog in Seattle - otherwise it was sunny and absolutely beautiful. The trees were just another surprise and so lovely.
I don't think, if I lived in Salem, that I could have left!

Laurie Matherne said...

I visited Chihuly Gardens in early June. Wow! I loved it. Your photos are excellent, but as I recall, the experience far surpasses the photos, don't they?

Babs said...

Absolutely, Laurie!