Thursday, October 03, 2013

Haute Wheels!

The phenomena of Food Trucks is relatively new.  Very new to me.
A GREAT idea of a way to get into the food service business without the astronomical costs involved in a brick and mortar location.  Plus, if business is better someplace else you just drive there.  Brilliant!

I couldn't wait to see food trucks in Houston.  We have one in San Miguel but it is used now for private events and parties.  Darn, I've never gotten to eat at one, yet.

The mixture of cuisines is fascinating.  This one mixes Mexican and Korean cuisine!  Who would ever have thought of that?  Since I know the chef of this truck, it was possible to know where it was parked and go photograph it.

Unfortunately I had just finished lunch with my friend at the Cajun Stop and couldn't eat another bite of food.

The truck was parked near the new Dynamo Stadium in downtown Houston.  The Dynamos are the soccer team.  Something else new to me.

Steady lines of people to get food.

These trucks are really, really into providing tasty meals as well as being connected to social media to let customers know where they are that day as well as other info like the menu.

There is going to be a BIG FOOD TRUCK event in Houston October 11-13th.  Close to forty trucks.
It will definitely be a "happening". I wish I could be there.......

I love the names of the trucks.  The one in these photos is Chi'lantro BBQ.  Here are some of the others.

Fork in the Road
Bare Bowls
Bernie's Burger Bus
Happy Endings
It's a Wrap
Monster PBJ
Pocket to Me
Soul Cat Cuisine

You get the idea.  Creative cuisine as well as creative names and creative graphics on the trucks.

Have any of you eaten at food trucks?  Where?  What cuisine?  I'd love to know.

I'm going to be in LA in a few weeks.  Hope to see  more food trucks on that trip!
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Emilia said...

Love the food trucks! There's a new-ish H-E-B in my neighborhood that does "Food Truck Fridays" in the summer. They get about a dozen trucks in the lot and you can buy wine and beer from the store to bring to the tables outside and listen to live music. Bernie's Burger Bus = delicious!

Babs said...

I think I stopped at that new HEB off of Richmond or West Alabama. I look forward to my return visit in Nov and trying food trucks....maybe with you!

calypso said...

"Happy Endings" - you have to wonder about that one (or its owner) ;-)

Babs said...

Ha, Calypso, I thought of dessert but I sure see your point! Funny.

Rick said...

Previously known as "roach coaches" and usually stopping at construction sites they have been around Southern Cal forever.
They were always generic and boring until the Mexican theme took over and they could actually cook meals in the larger trucks.
Kogi Tacos was the creation of L.A. Korea Town stir-fry as a taco and a new era was created with every other theme you can imagine.
If you are coming to L.A. you will be neck deep in catering trucks.

Unknown said...

Hi Babs! Not sure you'll remember me, but you've had dinner @ my house when I lived in Houston! At the time, our mutual friend was Lois Alderman and my then partner was John Leake, who worked for Tim Hammrock at the time. At any rate, I have been following your blog for quite some time as I have considered a move to SMA for quite some time and I respect your perspective, view and knowledge of same. I would love to chat one on one so, if your amenable to same, please respond to my personal email address which is: Looking forward to hearing from you! Jake

Babs said...

Ah Rick, I do remember roach coaches but these are no where like those. The most sophisticated line setup and equipment. I'm impressed.

Will only be in LA for about 8 hours one day and 6 another so I doubt I'll get to do any sight seeing this trip. I knew that the craze started in California as most food related things tend to do. Fun, fun.

Shannon said...

I think food trucks are a brilliant idea.I'm sorry I never got a chance to eat at the one in San Miguel before it disappeared. I heard the food was great.

Babs said...

Me too Shannon. I met one of the owners. Actually I wish I could remember her name because I know someone wanting to be a food truck!

I hear great things about their food!