Sunday, October 06, 2013

Bonding with Velcro

   Here is a photo of Velcro warming her paws under the electric heater one cold night recently.

A strange thing has happened since I returned home to San Miguel this past Monday night.
Velcro hardly leaves my side, my feet, ME.

In fact yesterday I turned around in a hurry and nearly fell over her!

She, in the past, having previously been a feral cat, lived here but did not lived right next to me, always as she is now.

She is trying to sleep ON my feet.  So I can't even turn over. Or even is jumping in my lap.

We have been living under the same roof since 2006.  That was a big step to begin with.
Prior to that she wouldn't come near me until I took her to be sterilized by the vet so she wouldn't have more kittens.  Then she became docile. 

But, never a lap cat.  Until this week.  She has discovered that I'm not moving in the morning when I'm meditating.   Three times since Monday she has quietly slipped into my lap and stayed there. The first time I thought it was a fluke.  Now, I'm so surprised that something has caused this major shift in her personality.

Seven years of cohabitation and finally she decides to be a pet.

Patience is a virtue.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! How nice! My cats were former feral cats, and became more affectionate over time, but it was more gradual. Pandora has slipped into my lap a time or two while I was meditating.

BTW, I nominated you for a "Liebster" award. You can see the details on my latest post.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we are thinking up stratagems to get Pandora to stop pulling down the dish towels on the oven door.

Rick said...

Maybe Steve Cotton is not a cat person?

Gin said...

How sweet, she is letting you know how much she misses you when you leave her at home.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I've always thought it'd be cool to have an orange cat and name him "Cobre."

Babs said...

Kim, A "leibster award". Is that something like a lemming award? ha.

I'll check it out! Thanks.

Babs said...

Rick, Steve is such a nice person that she bought treats for Velcro! I do think he IS a dog person however....Velcro just knows how to insert herself into people's lives, ha....kinda like her owner. Did I say that?

Babs said...

Gin, it has truly surprised me. She has never acted this way before when I have returned. However there were a few times when I did return that she meowed and fussed for about an hour to let me know she had NOT been happy........

Unknown said...

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