Friday, September 13, 2013

Mexico is NOT for the Faint Hearted

When on the roof terrace of Chelo's store, I looked toward Col Guadalupe and saw all the electrical
lines up at this level.

For those people who have to live with everything neat and tidy, Mexico is not the place for you.
Things that are necessary, but unsightly are not always hidden.  I like the honesty of that.

As you can see, transformers just hang out along with multitudes of wires.

This photo at the back of the shop of Chelo's is the real winner.

I stood and marveled at the intersection of this many wires.  What workman can
determine which wire is for what?  Somehow they do.  Not with a cherry picker or some
fancy machinery, but with a long ladder, they climb up to repair these lines.  I can hardly
watch for fear they'll fall.

It's the way things were done about fifty years ago in America.
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Dan in NC said...

OSHA? We don't need no stinking OSHA!!! To paraphrase Cheech Marin.... I've watched workmen in Mexico, and they do what they gotta do with whatever is at hand to get er dun, and it ends up looking like a maestro has worked forever on the project! The ones I've been associated with are true craftsmen. Only wish I could find similar craftsmanship NOB..... Not to mention I would luv to have your mechanic!!!

Babs said...

Ahh, Dan, you are so right. Not only my car mechanic, but the painter who is meticulous, fast and economical; my former handyman who with three tools totally rebuilt my water heater; the upholsterer who makes new beautiful pillows for about $10USD,with welting. Well you get the idea. Amazingly talented, humble people who want to do their best, always. Life is good.

calypso said...

I have been on both sides of this argument. The lack of safety standards unfortunately has put many an hombre in a wheel chair sitting in traffic with a collection can in hand.

On the other hand OSHA and the likes of all that seem to take things way beyond reasonable precautions and safety standards.

I being a libertarian prefer the more relaxed rules standards - one of the reasons I am here.

But, damn so many of those hombres are playing too close to the flame.

Babs said...

You are so right Calypso. It's interesting the direction this thread has gone with your and Dan's comment.
My thought was about the spaghetti of wires that aren't hidden but out in plain sight. It gives you a more real idea of what people (men) have to contend with in order to do repairs.