Sunday, July 28, 2013

THRIFTY is coming to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!

You will probably laugh at this.  But, the town is abuzz with those who "know"
 who Thrifty Ice Cream is - some of the best ice cream found in Mexico.

This ad was in the Atencion newspaper this week.  Quickly the phone lines were ablaze with comments like, "Have you heard?"

Those who have stayed in Melaque or Barra de Navidad KNOW Thrifty.  Others from nearby villages make a pilgrimage once in a while for ice cream.  It's that delicious.

When a friend here in San Miguel tasted it years ago, he contacted Thrifty's headquarters in California to see if he could open a franchise here.  They said no as it would be too hard for distribution purposes.

I don't know what has happened in the ensuing years to cause this to happen but I, along with many others, are very happy.

Since we've had to pay close to $16USD for a quart (I think that is the size), we will be so happy not to be paying those prices anymore.  In fact, I almost never have ice cream because of those prices.
Why is it that much?  I assume because it is imported.

We've all wished, at least those of us from Texas, that Blue Bell would be more widely available but that hasn't happened.

Thrifty will do just fine.  Oh my, Pralines and Cream.....and I don't have to drive to the border.

Now lest you think I'm daft..........many ex-pats experience cravings.  We get this excited when we hear there is okra at Mega.  Or crookneck squash or sweet corn.  It's those things we so seldom get to taste.
They now have Fritos at Walmart in Celaya - a 45 minute drive.  People do drive that far for Fritos!  I'm sure not very often.  A small bag is $4USD. 

What can I say?  Strangely it does happen.  However we do learn over time to substitute.   I must say, when it comes to ice cream, its hard to find a substitute.  Please don't say yogurt......

Happy faces will be seen in San Miguel in the coming weeks.  I bet there will be a line for the first week or so.  There always is in Melaque and Barra.
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Tancho said...

Fritos, now Thrifty, pretty soon there will no reason to move to San Miguel.......

jennifer rose said...
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jennifer rose said...

Ho hum, Morelia has had Thrify for years. And Blue Belle.

calypso said...

Yum - two scoops please!Will be many years before we see anything like that over on our sides of Mexico ;-(

Babs said...

Lucky you Jennifer - I didn't know they were any other place then the beach! I looked at their website and saw that they are really expanding all over Mexico!

Calypso, there is hope for your area some day!

Christine said...

I don't understand. When I was in southern Mexico it was easy to find very good gelato in numerous flavors. Nothing like that in San Miguel?

Babs said...

I think one gelato place has opened but I don't know where it is located.
We do have Santa Clara here but again, it is soooooo expensive, even for just a cone!

Leslie Harris said...

Lucky San Miguel de Allende! I remember eating ice cream at Thrifty's in SoCal when I was a kid. It was what I looked forward to most when my grandmother had to go do some shopping there. Like Calypso, I'll take two scoops, please! :)

Babs said...

Leslie! I make a commitment. IF we ever have a blogger get together here I'll make sure we have an ice cream party in my garden~! Lots of it too........not just two scoops.

Anyone interested?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So, it's the Blue Bell of Mexico.

I'll stick with the Beer Company.

Babs said...

Unknown, that's a dead giveaway! I KNOW who you are.........ha..

Anonymous said...

Thrifty Ice Cream...brings back memories. There was a Thrifty Drug in the town where I went to high school. At that time you could get a scoop for a ridiculously low price, like a nickel or quarter or something like that. Needless to say, it was a popular spot.

And I agree with you about Santa Clara ice cream. It's good, but ridiculously expensive, especially for Mexico. Yet in DF, near the Zocalo, they are always full of customers.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where New England supposedly has the nation's highest per-capita ice cream consumption.

Babs said...

It's amazing how many Californians have such wonderful memories of Thrifty. You'll have to come to SMA just for ice cream!