Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dashing Out The Door

Yesterday afternoon I dashed out the door to take photos of what ten inches of
rain has brought in the last three weeks.

The cyclamen, the plant above, is blooming profusely.

The sculpture, made specially for me by my friend Hayes Parker about twenty years
ago looks very pleased.  Doesn't she?

The presa (reservoir) which was dry as a bone three weeks ago is now flowing out of those two small openings shown above.

The bluffs directly across from me are usually the same color as the plant material in the dry season.  Now they really are prominent!

I've never seen this little plant bloom before in the chicken from Chiapas.
This is located on the roof terrace under the roof canopy.  Obviously the rain
has blown in enough to give sustenance to the plants.  Love these tiny blooms.

When the lake in the botanical gardens above this crevice gets too full and they open the dam above, this is where the waterfall will be streaming down!  Can't wait.

Again, this white jasmine is so fragrant.  It's directly in front of the kitchen window. 
I leave the interior window open so the fragrance flows into the house.

Here is the elusive Rangoon Creeper.  I bought one of these in Houston at "It's About Time" years ago.  I bought it because I loved the name.  It NEVER bloomed in Houston.  Voila, this one purchased in San Miguel is blooming~!  Yippee.

Thankfully we had no rain yesterday.  The sun is allowing the plants to dry out just a bit.

And the humans too!
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Steve Cotton said...

It is about time I got up there to see San Miguel's blooms.

Billie Mercer said...

Barbara, you do have a wonderful garden. You inspired me. I went this week to buy some new plants for mine.

Babs said...

Thanks Billie - This is the perfect time to be planting with all the wonderful rain.........enjoy

calypso said...

It's all very lovely. Quite a contrast from here in Las Vegas. But then there is the bright lights and BIG city ;-)

Babs said...

Thanks Calypso. I think I've had enough of bright lights and BIG cities to last a lifetime. Enjoy!

Cheryl said...

Love your Hayes Parker sculpture. I have several things by Hayes Parker as well- a gorgeous flower pot, several candle holders, and a couple of wall plaques.
Your garden looks lovely.

Babs said...

Hayes is a dear and long time friend who I have lost contact with, sadly.

His work is so beautiful and he is!