Sunday, May 26, 2013

Watching the Horizon

I'm a "horizon" person.  I like wide open spaces.  Seeing sunrises and sunsets come up over the mountain or going down over the sea are my idea of one of the ultimate joys of life.  Sitting on a beach watching the seagulls perched on pilings watching for the fish to jump is something I take great pleasure in doing also.

It's been a long time since I lived in a one story house.  A house where if you wanted to know what the sky looked like you had to look straight up.  I had forgotten the feeling. It's kinda claustrophobic to me.  Right now as I sit at the table with the biggest window nearby, I can see traces of color in the sky but only a wee bit as I have to look straight up past rooftops and trees.

Ahh yes, I think I'm missing my hilltop home in Mexico where each night I'm greeted with a horizon that is of interest.  Rain clouds coming over the mountains is fun to watch.  You can see the rain far, far away and watch as it comes closer.  Cloud formations are fun too.  Of course sunsets go without saying. Each unique.

You don't think about those things until you don't have them.  Then the importance takes on a new urgency.

It's been almost 20 years since  I lived in a one story house with no views.  Hopefully that won't ever happen again!


calypso said...

I had not thought about the one story, no view angle. You are so right. Do not want that!As we get older, ambiance plays a more critical role in one's life.

Babs said...

Ambiance is very important in life. Always has been for me as I made my living creating it!

Christine said...

Babs! Your hostess is going to feel dissed!

Babs said...

Oh no, there house is so lovely and the pool is magnificent. I'm just used to being able to see for miles and miles....if you haven't had that experienced you don't miss it!