Friday, March 01, 2013

You'll Gasp or Laugh!

This trip has been sensory overload.  Last weekend while shopping with the granddaughters and my daughter, they wanted to go in Academy Sports store to look for something.  I took one or two steps in the door of the huge store, knew I didn't NEED anything and said I'd wait for them in the lobby.  They actually have comfortable chairs for people to wait for those shopping.  I was the only one sitting there most of the time.

The stores are so HUGE and there is so much STUFF that it is overwhelming.  I guess I've gotten used to the human size of our little tiendas (stores) in Mexico.  The biggest store I shop in in San Miguel is Mega, a grocery store.  It in no way compares, in size, even to a Kroger.  I find myself dragging myself through the behemoth size and aisles of these mega stores.

After Academy we went to a group of stores with the name of Sam Moon.  It's all stuff imported from China.  It's a Toys R Us for women.  One store has only fake jewelry and purses or mutations of such.
Again, it is mind boggling that there is that much STUFF to buy.  And, buy they do.  I, again, sat on a bench outside while the girls shopped not only at Sam Moon's purse store, but its gift store next door and its shoe store on the other side.  There must be a zillion people making stuff to sell to Americans who are charging stuff they want, but don't need.

On the news last night there was a comment about growing concern over the fact that college students no longer have the amount of credit card debt that they used to and how this can impact the economy adversely!  WHAT!  We're dependent on people being in debt to help the economy? 

Something is askew, radically.

Now for the "Gasp or Laugh" part.  I have found that for shopping here in the USA, I'm more comfortable buying good brand used clothes at Goodwill then at Macy's or wherever.  I knew that would shock you.
But, I just can't see paying over $100 or more for a cashmere sweater when I can find a great brand cashmere in perfect condition for less then $10.  Who would ever know and who cares if they do?

Ironically, we ended our shopping trip last Saturday, after all the glitzy places, at Goodwill.  I was looking for a bike for Matilda and pots and pans for my son.  We had so much darn fun there........I think our total purchases were less then $10.   I even introduced a friend of mine to shopping at Goodwill.  She thought it was a blast.  Especially when she found a beautifully framed print to use in a guest room.  Price, $7.99.

I'll be crossing the border in a day or two.  I know when I get back to San Miguel I will remember how easy it is here to find anything your heart desires............IF you can afford it!


Unknown said...

I read somewhere, last week, that if you buy clothes at Goodwill you have to have them exorcised or you will be haunted. Isnt that funny?

Marc Olson said...

No gasping or laughing from me. We think alike.

I am visiting in south Florida, and am amazed, as always, at the amount of time, energy and the environment here that is devoted to shopping, mostly for things people don't need.

Like you, I head to the Goodwill. I find very nice, like-new silk, rayon and linen shirts (perfect for hot Merida weather) for under $5. At the nearby mall they are $60 and up. It's a no-brainer as far as I am concerned.

And after a week here, I am ready to head home and a more human-scale, quieter and gracious way of life.

Life's a Beach! said...

No gasp here! Applause!!!

Benne' Rockett said...

None from my lips. My greatest joy of going home, besides seeing my kids and friends, if going to the thrift stores. We are a throwaway society due to the habit of buying stuff we don't really need. I'm happy to benefit! FYI, I have no debt!

Babs said...

Glad ya'll agree! Carol, maybe that is why I have these "twitchy" feelings. Just kidding.
Mark, I look forward to the quiet and gracious way of life also.....
Thanks Beck......
Benne' - It is astonishing the things I find at the thrift stores versus the others. I have not debt either, thankfully. A stress free existence was always my goal.

Shannon said...

I'm not gasping either. I applaud you as well. Hasn't the USA learned anything from their economic meltdown a few years ago? said...

We have a great new Salvation Army store near me and another Interfaith Ministries store...they both are great. I've been so disappointed at the prices at the resale shops...I find clothes at Ross and Marshall's cheaper than them.