Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snapshots of February and Family - Texas 2013

My talented and creative daughter always adds such beautiful things to
make their house a home.  I love this wall of favorite photos!

My  Christmas present made with a board, some fancy lettering, tiny
clothespins and favorite photos of the grandkids . I anxiously always
wait to see what clever and touching thing my daughter will make for me.

Christopher in Houston when we went shopping for Valentine's candy
and he gave me the gift of a lifetime - a favorite memory of his.

Frosted animal cookies - I wrote about this in February.

Then there was the chockablock weekend when Jessica came home from college
for Emma's (in the orange blouse) 13th birthday.  It started with Tex-Mex food, of course.

Here's the whole family - it takes a big round table for all the Hogan's and me.

I'm watching the girls playing sorta softball or kickball or something.
Then they videoed themselves doing the "Harlem Shake".  It was hysterically funny
since I was sitting away from them and didn't know what the heck was going on!
(I think I've been banned from showing the hilarious video)

Jessica, my first born grandchild with a beautiful smile for me - always!

Andrew, in his own world talking or communicating with his best friend dinosaur.

 Then the big moment, out on the deck (it was a little chilly), having KFC and a store bought Birthday Cake.  Emma is now officially a teenager!

And has blue lips!

I wouldn't have wanted to miss one minute of all of this.
The grandkids in Texas are now 13, 14 two 15 and one 21!
PLUS they ALL are taller then me.

This is what makes families so wonderful and gives me
such great memories and photographs to share!

Life is good.
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Unknown said...

LIfe is good, even with blue lips. Enjoyed your photos.

Unknown said...

LIfe is good, even with blue lips. Enjoyed your photos.

Babs said...

Truthfully, we ALL had blue lips, blue teeth and tongues! It was so funny.......