Monday, March 18, 2013

Snapshots from January 2013 - Costa Alegre, Mexico

It's a joy to escape to another world each year for the month of January.
After an eight hour drive from San Miguel de Allende, I finally reach the
little village of Calechosa, make a left, drive down the dirt road and just
keep on going to the dead end.

However, this time, there was a cattle drive from that dirt road to the other side of the highway
going on.  Needless to say, I pulled over and waited.

I was rewarded by seeing the caballero who I photographed last year so many times.
Last year he hardly ever acknowledged me.  This year there was a slight tip of his head
to me.  A great reward!

The pleasure of driving up to the property to see the horses and new colt along with the new Boxer puppy was a delight.  What a pastoral view with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Even though where I stay is total paradise, I always end up driving over to La Manzanilla to hang out
for the day.  It used to be Tenacatita but that has been fenced off for development for almost three years.  Tena is a lovelier bay, but this isn't bad either, except for the small rocks in the water.

There are always pelicans and frigates around.  Especially when there are fishermen.
There are always fishermen!

I've never seen a sunset I didn't like - some more then others.  The sunsets over the Pacific, to me, are
exquisite.  Every night more beautiful then the next. 

After a peaceful day of seafood, good books, a pina colada or two, how else could
you possibly cap off a day any other way then with a beautiful crimson sky?

The total restfulness of this month is something I cling to throughout the year.
IF something stressful or upsetting happens, I transfer my thoughts back to
these photos in my mind and feel an immediate calming.

Life is good!  Viva Mexico.
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Life's a Beach! said...

Ahhhhhh. Love all those photos! I'll have to check out the Manzanilla area.

Steve Cotton said...

I am looking forward to getting back to home base in Melaque.

Babs said...

I'm SURE you are - peace and tranquility along with good seafood and the sea. What a combination! I miss it.......
Enjoy your time with your family when you get back!