Thursday, March 14, 2013

MORE Inspiration

It's always surprising when I find out about an artist who has been creating for eons.  I'm surprised that I haven't heard of them or seen their work.  Since I read so many publications, you would think they wouldn't have to be producing for twenty years before I discover them!

I was absolutely blown away last week when I saw this short two-page article in Town and Country
magazine about a West Africa professor who turns bottle caps into spectacular tapestries.

The one in this photo is 33 ft wide!  It it is bottle caps and copper wire.  Found objects reused.

The artist name is El Anatsui.  This exhibit opened at the Brooklyn Museum  in February 2013.

He "burst onto the world stage" nineteen years ago at the age of 50.

Wow!  That's about all I can say.
I checked him on the web -

gave lots of information about his work and his process.  Or, you can just put his name in and read on

many websites about him and his creative work.  El Anatsui.
Recycling found objects into beautiful items, to me, is the ultimate bow to civilization.

Of course now I'm trying to figure out how I can use this process to create art with found objects

through sewing. 
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