Monday, December 17, 2012

Quilter's Workshop on Scarf Making

I had no idea what scarf making meant especially with the list of supplies that we were told to bring. I understood pins, scissors and from then on I wasn't sure how ribbons, yarn, fabric strips and old scarves fit into the mix.

Before we got to start on the workshop there was a show and tell of quilter's creations.
I'm so intimidated by all of these women and their talent.  Unusual for me.

Last month we wove fabric strips in and out in a weavy pattern.  Then we were to go home and sew and highlight the piece with embellishments and binding.  Since I don't have a sewing machine yet, my piece is hidden in the cabinet.  Trust me, if I can make anything half way as attractive as the piece above, it will be nigh on to a miracle.  We'll see.

This quilter, Janet, is amazing at the amount of pieces she creates in a month's time.  SHE is an inspiration to put it mildly.........So many of her quilts are clothing she picks up second hand and creates these quilts. Among things she also uses are silks that she has dyed in multiple ways.

Don't ask me how this is done but the dress is rolled somehow in pieces of fabric. 
The beauty goes on and on.  The butterfly quilt was made by each member.  It is to be given to a charity to raise money for their work.  Each person did a butterfly square and embellished it.  It could be a quilt or a wall hanging.   Not sure when or where it will be auctioned off, but I'm sure it will raise a lot of  money.

In a more contemporary frame, these are hearts in quilt form.  The fabric choices are just magnificent, in my opinion.  Can hardly wait to get a machine and get started.  I feel the creative juices flowing again.

Here is the piece de resistance.  This is a photo of the scarf previously made.  This is what we were going to learn how to do today.  A riot of color.and texture.

If all of this wasn't perfect enough, it ended as a potluck luncheon all around a big table where I got to know more about each member.

What a perfect day of inspiration, creativity and wonderful new acquaintances.
Life is good.
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5 comments: said...

Oh Babs...I am so happy to see your creativity rising to the surface once again. You are so much happier when you are creating...we must see that you get a sewing machine. I would love to learn to make one of those scarves...beautiful!

Shannon said...

Oh my, such beautiful work! The quilts are absolutely gorgeous and the scarves wonderful too.

Babs said...

Thanks Kay - can hardly wait! Want to make a tutu for Matilda also. Yup, I think I"m "back in the groove" finally........

Babs said...

I agree Shannon.......

Unknown said...

Such beautiful colors . . . so inspiring! I look forward to see your projects!