Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Morning Ukraine, France, U.K, Israel, Russia and Germany!

What the heck does that mean, you say?  Well, add Canada, Mexico and the USA to that list
and you have all the countries who read BabsBlog in the past week!

Who the heck in the Ukraine would be reading my blog in San Miguel?  Who knows!

I have an analytical page that gives me all kinds of information.  It's fun to look at from time to time.  I had not looked at it in quite some time.  So imagine my surprise yesterday when I saw this country listing. Seventeen hits from the Ukraine; Eleven from Russia; the most, over 1200 from the USA to name a few.

It is totally mysterious to me who these readers are and why.  I love mysteries!  It conjures up all kinds of scenarios.  None of the distant countries ever leave a comment.  Just so darn intriguing.

The photos above are intriguing to me also.  This is a silk kimono brought back by my uncle after WWII.  It was made in the early 40's as he brought it home in 1944.  It's close to 70 years old!

I keep it in an enclosed bag wrapped in tissue in a closet.  The only time it was worn was when I was about 10 and I wore it for Halloween one year.  The colors have stayed so vibrant!  I wish I had room to display it but with the dust and the sun here, it would not last.  The question is what do I do with it so that it can be seen and enjoyed?

I think its time to pass it on to one of the granddaughters to enjoy.
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jennifer rose said...

You don't have to put it on permanent display! Hang it on the wall or drape it someplace for some special event or even to brighten up an ordinary week, away from the sun and dust.

It doesn't have to last forever. When you're ashes to ashes and dust to dust, the odds are slim that it won't be archived over at the Smithsonian. Enjoy it. You know, you could even repurpose it to a throw or something other than a kimono.

Steve Cotton said...

They are mainly spam sites. And thus the reason that some blogs include nearly indecipherable posting tools to foil the spammers -- not to mention potential commenters.

norm said...

Kent State University has a museum dedicated to fashion. They might give you some idea about its worth and the best way to deal with the idem.

Shannon said...

I found it interesting too, that folks from all those countries were tuning in. I decided to check, and in the last month found;
Russia-33, UK-31, China-30, Ukraine-25, Brazil-17, Spain-14 and Sweden-12 on my blog.

I was rather disappointed to learn that it is mostly spam. It was more intriguing (and fun)to speculate who these people might be. Sometimes it is more fun to live in ignorance.

Babs said...

Shannon - How do you know it is spam? I knew the Philippines ere because I deleted them but haven't gotten posts from any others.....
Interesting that you have countries that I don't have!

Jennifer, my last appraisal of the kimono was over $2000US so I don't think I'll use it as a throw - even though I do love seeing it.

Thanks Norm - I have in the past had it appraised and found out how to maintain textiles through the Textile department at MFA in Houston. Good to know about another group!

How do you find out they are spam sites Steve? Just interested.

Shannon said...

I am interested in finding out how you can tell if they are spam sites too Steve.

Steve Cotton said...

The quickest way to check is to look at your spam inbox and then double-check against the date and time on the "contact" log. You will soon see a majority line up perfectly. Some spammers are programmed not to leave a message if the traffic is not high enough. And that is why we use spam filters. Without the filter I would have about 20 spam comments a day.