Monday, November 05, 2012

A New Game - Futbol!

Matilda climbed into her Daddy's lap and promptly fell asleep the other day.  That little nap helped to give her the energy to play football later on.

Usually when we all get together it is soccer. This day I brought a sponge rubber football.
Then sat back and watched the kids run and punt and squeal with delight.

They were impressed to watch their Dad kick the ball to them.  As smart as they are, they were kicking too before our visit was over.

Sebastian was really good at catching the ball and throwing it.  So was Matilda.

It's always interesting when they've had enough how they find something else to interest them.
With Sebastian, it is usually digging in the dirt.  He's a true little boy! 
With Matilda it is usually a book.  She so loves for me to read to her.
I love it too.
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Benne' Rockett said...

I really enjoy your family post and find I envy your time with them just a bit. Can't wait to see my kids during the holidays!

Babs said...

Benne' = This gift of having grandchildren around was and is still unexpected. I treasure my time with them. It is never enough....

Unknown said...

Hola Babs -

May I impose on you for a recommendation? In January we are flying into Queretaro, and will spend two weeks in San Miguel. Might you know of a trusted car/shuttle service that we can arrange to meet our flight and take us on to San Miguel, and pick us up and return us to the airport when we leave?

I thought I'd ask you before I let "my fingers do the walking". Thank you so much for any assistance you can give!


Babs said...

Glad to help Dean. Go to They will pick you up and return you to Queretaro. If you book it r/t it is a few dollars less. Great service.

You didn't give me your email address, so hope you get this message!

Safe travels.