Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Circus is in Town!

They started setting up on Thursday.

A LOT of hard work to get three big tents up.  The BIG tent is red and white.  In a field near the glorieta where all the tourists coming in from Mexico City and Queretaro will KNOW there is a circus in town.

On Friday as I was heading to Immigration, in the continuing saga to get my new FM-2, the large trucks with cages full of animals were heading toward the jardin to drive through centro.

Long, long ago, when I first came to San Miguel, they would parade the camels, elephants and other assorted animals on foot through centro.  The first time I saw that I couldn't believe my eyes.

So, I want to go to the circus.  I posted the information of the circus being in town on the Civil List, or the Snivel List as most call it.
Good grief, it caused an uproar.  I was accused of supporting torture in order to go to something I would enjoy.  I absolutely couldn't believe how rude and judgemental people can be when someone wants to do something that they don't approve of.

I moved to Mexico because it is a "live and let live" country.  If only the ex-pats would learn this.  They criticize without even going to see what the circus is like in Mexico.
I don't understand it.  Really.
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Steve Cotton said...

Go and enjoy. The little circuses that come through here remind me of the independent shows that were still around in 1950s America. When I attend, I am amazed at how thrilled he local kids can get. Almost as thrilled as that little kid inside me.

Let the people who are practicing for their own eulogies try to dress up their lives. You, Babs, go on living life each day as it should be lived.

Babs said...

Thanks Steve. Sweet post. I agree the things here remind me of life in the 50's. When I hear the children out on the street playing at night, or the innocence of the circus where there were only 3 pink poodles, it makes me giggle.

Today I was driving to Mega. The traffic was backed up on the libramento. I was afraid there had been a wreck. But no, it was a bunch of guys walking down the highway with plants to plant in the esplanade. I laughed out loud. They so live in the moment, irregardless of everything else. I still find it charming......

Shannon said...

Barbara, I had a lovely Saturday morning today and part of that was having to stop and wait for the animals to go by. (camels, giraffe, tigers) I even put a couple of pictures of them in my blog post today.

You live life with a wonderful abandon and I hope you won't be cowed by a bunch of people bent on making their own lives, and everyone else's, miserable.

Babs said...

Thanks Shannon - I lOVE when the animals go by. Sometimes I think I must live a too simple life.......and then I say, "That is what I want"

jennifer rose said...