Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Ready - Dia de Muertos

The flowers are arriving.  The lady on the corner had the marigolds and cockscomb for all to buy to use in preparation of their altars.  She didn't wave to me as she usually does.  She was busy talking to the elderly lady who stopped in her apron and rebozo with her bolsa.

Just a day on the streets of San Miguel de Allende.
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Unknown said...

I recall when I was young that great care and pride was taken in painting the tombs in South Louisiana at this time of year. Flowers were put out. Family visited one another a bit as each family were tending to the various resting spots of loved ones. School was not in session for November 1 so that the Catholics among us could honor the day properly. Now, it's all but disappeared. My mom visits her parents and her husband's grave alone most years. I am sure she remembers the years gone by when we honored the dead. I hope Mexico continues the tradition.