Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saturday Morning Organic Market

 I had not been to the market in a couple of years.  I was astonished at the size and diversity of it all now.
Booths with pre-prepared food, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and other assorted  stuff.

Grassy places for the kids to play and run and dance.  Matilda's favorite thing to do - dance.

Large groups having breakfast and camaraderie were nearby.  And, a certain Grammy getting extra hugs.

At times, Matilda and Sebastian were oblivious to the fact that anyone else was around.  A wonderful thing.

Mati was dancing because there was an AWESOME blues band playing.  I mean AWESOME - like New Orleans awesome.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I felt like I was back n the bayous of Louisiana listening to Jimmy Reed on harmonica.  Delightful.  (I got their card, just in case I ever have another party).

It's great to see something that a few years ago was about 15 booths be as large as this is now.  The fresh goat cheese, squash blossoms, breads, and other delicious foods were just that, delicious.
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Benne' Rockett said...

Okay, I'm having a bit of envy come up as soon as you mentioned the blues band with Nawlins style music! Maybe I can entice our Slow Foods market in Merida to consider having a blues band. The grand-kids are precious.

Babs said...

THAT band had my toes tapping all day!

Shannon said...

What a nice post Barbara, and terrific pictures too. The kids are adorable! The organic market really is special. 34