Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Water

"Hurricane water" is not the Gulf of Mexico.  Although, of course, in my case it usually came from there in the form of a hurricane.
No, "hurricane water" is the bottled water that you run to the grocery store to buy to tide you over for the three or more days that you might not have clean water from your tap.

In preparation for hurricanes, we would buy canned tuna, bread, peanut butter and things that could be opened with a can opener and didn't have to be cooked.  Along with that I always bought "hurricane water".

After living through three weeks in August 1983 - that would be August 18th - without electricity, one learns WHAT is important in such a situation.  Believe me, water is #1. Add ice to that also, if it was possible to get.

Of course in preparation, we also filled bathtubs and jugs with water to flush toilets and for sponge bathing.

When I left Houston to move to Mexico, after having saved at least 10 large plastic bottles of water in the garage each time I moved, my daughter said, "Mom, its time to give up the hurricane water".

I truly am glad, at this point, that I never have to evacuate again, worry about evacuating or save "hurricane water".  My heart and thoughts go out to all my friends in the Gulf Coast area who are in the "waiting mode" to see if they evacuate or stay in place.

Hopefully, this too shall pass.
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Benne' Rockett said...

I'm so sad today. Super big gulps of Survivor Guilt. Worried about the PTSD for my friends and family in NOLA. Big Love Babs!

Unknown said...

I miss Hurricane Scrabble. I don't miss the rest of the mess.

Babs said...

Interesting that the two people to comment are both from New Orleans.

I don't miss any of it......the anxiety, the fear, the leaving, the return, the clean up, the sound of chain saws cutting down beautiful trees.......

And the misery of those who always had it worse then me.

Oh and the time I was out by the sewer drain with the leaf rake and kitchen utensils trying to unstop the drain so my house wouldn't flood. Nuttiness!