Saturday, August 11, 2012

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

It started out as a snuggle up on the bed under Grammy's fluffy blanket.  But when Sebastian decided to close the door for us, hanging on the wall behind were all the "jewels".  Just costume jewelry to me, but to Matilda, truly jewels.

As tiny as she is, the more we piled on the happier she was.  It brought back memories of all the other granddaughters playing at my house in Houston many, many years ago.

The kids, Sebastian and Matilda came over yesterday for lunch.  Matilda loves to help me cook.  Stirring and breaking eggs are her favorite things.   Oh, and pouring things into the cooking dish.  I have a little step ladder that is perfect for her.  She has her own apron and knows right where it is.  I'm continuing the tradition started twenty years ago. 

In fact, Jessica, who will soon turn 21 was on the cover of the Cooking Section of the Houston Chronicle about 17 or 18 years ago baking Christmas cookies with Grammy.  THAT was a really fun experience. She was a mini celebrity at school when that happened.

Where was Sebastian while Mati and I were cooking and playing dress up?  In "his jungle" with a new dump truck he got that had a shovel and a rake.  Yup, he was raking rocks and dirt and having the time of his life with his daddy.

What was Grammy doing?  Smiling and storing up wonderful memories.
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3 comments: said...

Fun times...I remember the article about you and Jessica making cookies. Great picture of your kitchen...I loved that kitchen! Have fun.

Shannon said...

When our son Alexander was about that age he used to stand on a step ladder and help me in the kitchen as well. Today he is the executive chef in a Sheraton hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

Babs said...

Thanks Kay - we DO have so many memories together. That's whats so great about long friendships.

Shannon - They ARE special memories, aren't they? I tried to post a comment again on your blog yesterday and got that circly thing again. Waited and waited and waited but never got to write. I don't have any problem on anyone elses........just an FYI