Monday, July 23, 2012

The New Refrigerator Saga

The saga began last Wednesday evening.  I didn't realize the old (15 yrs) refrigerator had died even though I got something out of it at about 9PM   I definitely realized it Thursday afternoon at about 3:30 - everything was defrosted.  Everything.  What a mess.  Hated to throw out shrimp, salmon and other assorted goodies.  No recourse.  It had to go.
I was up to my earlobes in pricing and getting ready for a BIG yard sale so I said, "I'll deal with this on Monday". 
Luckily no one is in the guest house, so I transferred what was salvageable to the guest house fridge.  AND didn't deal with it til today. 
Bouncing out of bed (hardly) at 7AM this morning I called a name I had of a repairman.  No response.  After two hours I said the heck with it and went to Bodega Aurrera to look.  I had priced fridges at Mega yesterday while picking up a few groceries.
The MOST critical thing was the dimensions.  It could NOT be any wider then 25 inches because of the space made for the fridge.  It could not be deeper then 29 inches because of the space available.  The existing dead fridge was 64 inches high. 
Off I went with my trusty tape measure this morning.  Prices were better at Bodega.  I even found a Whirlpool which is a manufacturer that I'm familiar with and had had good luck with in past decades.
I mean a fridge is a fridge is a fridge, right?  I checked the width and depth - all was ok.  Even an inch to spare in the width.
Initially the sales person said they couldn't help me with delivery so I started to leave.  Had one other small item to buy and while at the register saw the store manager who spoke English and Spanish.  I told him that I had wanted to buy a new refrigerator and in fact had found one to buy but the sales rep said they couldn't help me with delivery.  He nearly herded me back into the store.  He got the rep, got the fridge, got the camioneta called and all was well. I bought the fridge.
This is the rental truck that arrived to pick up and deliver the refrigerator up the hill to my house.  Cost for the delivery and getting it in the house 150 pesos - about $10 US.

The camioneta driver and Javier the gardener unpacked the fridge, slid it into the old spot and I giggled.  Literally, out loud.  It's about four inches shorter then the old fridge.  It would be great for a tiny person.  Yes, it should reach up the wall to right below the tile molding. 
But, since it has been unwrapped, the boards on the bottom removed and the labels removed, to return it would take an act of God.  Mexico is not known for NOT having "return policies".
Once I tried to just exchange a roll of film since I had picked up the wrong size.  It took seven people and over thirty minutes to accomplish that.  I highly doubt that this fridge would be accepted,  In fact, I'm not even going to try.  I'll have someone make a braced wooden box or get some wood to put under the feet to lift it up or something. 
The moral of the story is, don't ever buy a refrigerator in a hurry.  Notice while in the store that it is on a shelf that makes it higher.  And measure not once, but twice, ALL the dimensions.

I'm laughing now but I sure wasn't when they first got it in the house this morning.  The other good thing is that I made enough money at the yard sale to pay for the new refrigerator.  Life is good.
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Steve Cotton said...

It looks fine to me.

And, if you had had a guest in the casita, I am certain he would have been more than happy to share refrigerator space. said...

Story of my life but it looks nice. I am dealing with American Home Shield again over a ceiling fan and a stopped up tub. Wish me luck.

Babs said...

That would be like dealing with my landlord. I just do it and don't want the aggravation of dealing with someone else.
A ceiling fan and stopped up tub can't be much, can it?

Babs said...

Steve, it looks ok, its just "munchkin size", ha.

Christine said...

Your new frig will also probably save enough in electricity to pay for itself as well. appliances have become much more energy efficient in the last 15 years.

Babs said...

I'm hoping Christine because the elec bill for this house is too high.
It had to be the fridge.....

Unknown said...

off topic:

Is Longhorn Smokehouse still open?

Babs said...

Absolutely - goin' goin' going.......

Shannon said...

How tall is the fridge in the casita? Maybe you could switch them. I'm sure Todd would be happy to help you if it's a better fit.

Babs said...

Ahh, we think alike but the one in the guest house is 3 inches too wide. It's ok, I'm over it..I'll just bend down, ha.
Thanks for the offer. Very sweet.