Friday, July 13, 2012

"Hermit on the Hill"

It seems that I spend more and more time up here on the hill enjoying my own company.  My new title, "hermit on the hill" was given to me by the author of Gangs of San Miguel, a very campy blog.  It is written very "tongue in cheek" yet I'm not sure if he was saying that I'm a hermit in jest or truth.  Truth would be more like it.

I find I'm busy gardening, getting the guest house ready for a new guest, reading, writing, cooking, working on creative endeavors or whatever.  I've finally turned into a homebody. 

Part of it is that most of the people who came eleven years ago who were close friends have moved on to other places.  Some of it is that I just really like not having to get dressed up and put on makeup.  Now isn't that a confession to make?  But it's true.  When at home I have my hair on top of my head and old tattered clothes on.  NOT something one could go out in public in.........just comfortable for bending and working.

I gladly accept the title, dear Richard.  I've always been a bit of a hermit who relishes solitude.  Now I'm becoming more of one.  Only seem to get to the jardin once or twice a week.  That's ok too.  Gives me more time for the things that interest me now.

I guess you finally get to a point where each minute is precious and should be enjoyed in whatever way is most important to you.  NOT what everyone else thinks you should do.
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Steve Cotton said...

I have adopted a similar lifestyle. Reading in my garden is such a luxury fr me, I do not see the need to disrupt that routine very often.

Babs said...

I think this is called "contentment".

sparks_mex said...

Don't think I can post a direct link but I love this Youtube video

How To Be Alone

Babs said...

Sparks, the You Tube video is delightful. I loved it! Thanks for sharing it........