Monday, July 02, 2012

Bumper to Bumper - Here they Come!

The term was coined by my hairdresser. "SWEATBIRDS" to identify those who arrive here in the summer to escape the heat, humidity and general misery of the South at this time of the year. It helps to differentiate from the "SNOWBIRDS" who arrive from the North and Canada each winter.

The last few summers there were not many sweatbirds driving in with kids, pets, etc. Heck, they weren't even flying in.

Lots of vacation rental houses sat vacant in the summer. Unheard of in past years, when you had to book a year to six months in advance to get the house that you wanted to stay in for a month or the whole summer.

Today as I was in the car running errands I noticed many, many Texas, Florida, Arkansas and Mississippi license plates are here. Woo hoo! They're back. They couldn't stand the heat, so they got out of the kitchen.

They came to enjoy our low 70's during the day and the mid 50's at night with humidity in the low 20's........Our rainy season is going. Everything is lush, green and blooming. A wonderful time to be here.

So, if you don't know what to do with yourself. Your electric bill is so high you could buy a cheap car.......turn it off, lock the door and come on down. Luxuriate in this unique and special village of peace and tranquility along with great restaurants, super shopping and lots of other stuff to do.

Have I ever steered you wrong? Never. See you soon.


Calypso said...

"Sweatbirds" - going to have to mull that one over. It lacks gentility. However it is a sticky issue.

Shannon said...

Snowbirds or Sweatbirds, it's okay with me as long as they are coming back. Thanks for sharing this info.

Steve Cotton said...


Unknown said...

Sweatbirds? Good one. Please, please, considering a new comment system. These two word comment thingies are really yucky.

Babs said...

Steve Cotton doesn't know it but when he gets here in August, hopefully, he will help me change that aggravating thing!
Sorry for the inconvenience.
I have no idea how to change it...