Saturday, June 30, 2012

Politics in Mexico

While sitting on the bench in the jardin last week, the quiet and tranquility was changed as a group came by with whistles and baseball caps imprinted with the name of the Mayoral candidate and flags of the candidate's party.
It's fun to watch the process here as a bystander. To me it is as simple a way of politicking as it was when I was a small girl. Barbeques, bands, speeches and hand shaking.

This morning I have heard drums beating, horns blaring in centro so I assume that another candidate is having his last hurrah before elections tomorrow.

Since we as expats cannot comment or participate in this country's elections, I will simply say that may the best people win in all the categories from President on down to our new mayor.

I do have favorites but I won't divulge.

The lovely thing about the process in Mexico is that we only have to have all this hoopla, by law, for two months. Candidates could not "declare" til May 1st and start politicking. Signs couldn't go up etc..........isn't that refreshing?

The other thing I find interesting is that no liquor is sold today or tomorrow. Everyone is supposed to be clear headed and serious about voting. Isn't that an interesting philosophy?

Tomorrow is July 1st - Election Day in Mexico. Viva Mexico!


Steve Cotton said...

I was putting together a similar post this morning. But I slept in so long, I may just skip it. The post, that is. Not the election.

Shannon said...

There sure has been a hoopla in El Jardin this week! May the best men and women win.
They don't sell alcohol until all the votes are in on voting day in Canada either. Probably not a bad notion.

Irene said...

Only two months of campaigning sounds just right. I wish that was the case everywhere!

Babs said...

I agree with that Irene!