Thursday, June 21, 2012

Needing to get "debugged"

Several things going on up on the hill for the last couple of days.  Some mysterious, others aggravating and all beginning to add up to exasperating.

First, two nights ago Velcro was out doing whatever Velcro does in late evenings.  She usually hangs out on the lower patio by my bedroom door waiting for me to turn off the light and get settled in bed.  THEN she shakes the screen and meows to come in.  I now see the humor in this after many times of being aggravated.

NOT this night.  I heard this low guttural growling.  It got louder and louder.  So loud that if I had opened the curtains or the door and seen a grizzly bear standing there, I wouldn't have been surprised just terrified.  I tried to figure what it was and gave up.  Then opened the door to let Velcro in and she scurried in.  This "creature" continued this for at least another hour. 

Did I get up, open the door wide, turn on the light and use the flashlight to see what it was?  Heck no.  I just wanted IT to go away.

It was back the next night.  I wondered if somehow the little black squirrel that drinks from the bird bath could possibly be THAT loud?  Then I remembered the coatamundi from several years ago that kept coming in through the fireplace.  Now that guy was big enough to be that loud.  Since we had cut the limb off the tree and it had no access to the fireplace, I figured he had moved on.

Being VERY brave, I used the overhead light, the flashlight and had my big soft robe and socks on just in case something jumped at me.  Aren't I brave?  I saw nothing.  I didn't rattle the fern in the planters or anything.  I just thought whatever it was would be standing there.  NADA.

It wasn't back last night - thank goodness.

Aggravating is the fact that I have a "bug" in Microsoft Script Editor and my computer guru can't get here til Monday to work her magic.  I've tried but as usual, failed miserably since I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

One other aggravation and then I'll stop.  Last night, for the first time in eleven years, someone tried to open the hood of my car.  It had just finished raining.  The alarm went off.  I flew up the stairs (in my socks) and ran out on the rainsoaked stone walk, opened the gate and of course, whoever it was was probably ten blocks away since the alarm is so loud with flashing lights and all.  So, I pulled the car into the garden for the night.  This morning I tried, again having no idea what I'm doing, to open the hood and reclose it.
I actually, I hate to admit this, opened the hood for the first time in my life and then slammed it like the service station attendants do when they finish.  It didn't close tightly.  Darn.  Mechanic who works on the car is not answering his cell so I'm practicing patience as I write this diatribe.

Now, the next time someone asks me what life is like in Mexico, should I tell them no different then the USA or should I just smile a knowing smile?


alcuban said...

Babs: Querida, you're not as computer illiterate as you say: How did you get that "picture show" thing on the lower right-hand corner of your blog? I tried to put a link to some of my pictures on and couldn't get the damn thing to work.


Babs said...

Al, surely you know I couldn't have done that - my brilliant son accomplished it! Someday it will screen my photos - but for now its something he found.....

Steve Cotton said...

I think the answer still is "Just like in The States" -- just less and more so.