Friday, May 11, 2012

Farmacias del Ahorro

One the astounding things about purchasing medicines in Mexico is the fact that in most instances one does not have to have a prescription from a physician.  There was a change to that law last year and now things like Ambien and I don't know what else must have a prescription.

One just walks in and says, "Please give me 8 boxes of that and 4 of this and 5 of that".  They do.

When I travel to the USA, I go in and get a six week supply of whatever I need.  No one questions me about that.  Oh, and you get the pills in the original box from the manufacturer with all the instructions and information.  Not in a cylindrical plastic bottle with a label from the pharmacist.  I actually like seeing the name of the manufacturer on the box rather then a generic bottle.

The Farmacia Ahorra opened on San Francisco street a few years ago.  On opening day they had mariachis playing all day.  Right outside the door.  But, the store moved recently.  Two blocks down the street where the name of the street is Canal.  No mariachis this time, just blue and white balloons.  Now that I think about it the mariachis had on blue and white outfits.  Must be the company's colors!

They closed the other store.  Hence one must walk two blocks further.  It's not a problem. 

The same young women work at the new store.  They recognized me the other day when I went in to get my weekly supply.  In fact I had something happen that had never happened EVER in any pharmacy in my life.

The pharmacist told me that there was a generic for one of my meds.  It would effectively save me about $25 US a week if I went to generic.  After carefully checking the mg and the label etc. against the non-generic, it was obvious that indeed this was the real deal.  THEN she said she could give me an additional discount because of their new store discount of approximately $8 US.  So instead of spending $45 US for one prescription, I spent $12 US.  I was and am a happy camper.

Then she said for your other medication when you buy two boxes, you get one free.  A "regalo" a gift.  Then she smiled.  She knew I would be happy again.  And I was.

They also gave me a free box of Kleenex.  Can't beat any of this, I don't think.

I have in all the years I've been here (11 years) checked prices every few months at Farmacia Guadalajara, Mega's pharmacy and Ahorra.  Sometimes one is a little less expensive then the other on one or another med.

It's the sweetness and attention from the staff at Ahorra that keeps me going back.  Imagine that.  Many ex-pats swear that Mexicans don't understand "customer service".  I say, "Ha ha, they are learning".
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