Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Street Scenes

 Walking around town today, running errands such as paying the telephone bill, having a capuchino with friends, picking up more DVDs. 

I looked up as I approached a wall and zowee this bourganvilla was beyond brilliant.  Everywhere you look its either the jacaranda trees, bourganvilla, lilies, hibiscus - a plethora of beauty.

As I was leaving Juan's Cafe Etc on Relox after buying the DVDs, a young boy was blocking my exit.  He was about six years old.  He had a postcard in his one hand of the Parroquia.  He was facing the Parroquia.  He  held up the postcard so he could look at the image and then at the real thing.  He did this so intently several times that there was no way I was going to disturb his viewing of the two images.  Memorable.

The other thing that is ALWAYS memorable here is that the traffic always stops to let you cross the street.  No its not because I'm a gringa.  They stop for all people.  It still touches me to see the courtesy of this. I will wait for them to go and they always, always wave me across the street.  Delightful.

It IS these little things that make life a joy and oh so memorable.
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I'm the Mami said...

What stunning bougavillea! My inlaws bought me my first plant here after I commented on how beautiful every single bouganvillea plant was here in DF .

What a lovely post as well. I love how you truly SEE the world and the people in it.