Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Time

Traditionally in our family this has always been one of the most important holidays.  For a special reason. 

When the kids were little, I loved to sew and ALWAYS I made new Easter outfits, usually out of the same fabric for all three.  There was a fabric store where you could get three yards of fabric for $1 US dollar!  Many outfits for $1........  Then for the girls I would be a little bonnet and purse.

When the children were teens, there dad died right around Easter.  As a distraction each year we planned a family outing for several days.  Usually to Galveston.  Renting a beach house.  Inviting friends.  Dyeing eggs.  Having an Easter Egg hunt in the dunes.  What fun!  We still had the Easter baskets and usually a new outfit too.

Always a special family time.

Even when the grand kids starting being born.  Still dyeing eggs.  The Easter Bunny hiding the eggs wherever we happened to be.........New outfits. I sat today and looked at all the years of eggs, plastic grass, new Easter bonnnets.  What fun. One year everyone got bunny sunglasses instead of Easter bonnets.  .Great memories.

Now I'm in Mexico and until last year, that family tradition had not been carried out by me.  I had so much fun getting new outfits for Matilda and Sebastian.  I scoured the town to make Easter baskets - no simple task as a chocolate bunny or jelly bean was NOT to be found - not even the green Easter grass for the basket.  We dyed eggs. Instead of Easter candy, we had stuffed bunnies. What fun the anticipation was to have an Easter Egg hunt in Grammy's garden.  Lots of good hiding places.  The children had so much fun.  They squealed with joy each egg they found.  A joyful memory  for me, my son and the children.

Not this year, sadly.  Their mother selfishly would not let them come for a couple of hours either to dye eggs or to have an Easter Egg hunt.  It is heartbreaking when someone puts their own unhappiness before the joy of two little children. 

I am saddened that this year no Easter egg hunt.  No Easter bunny.  BUT I did get to give them their new Easter outfits on Thursday.  Hopefully next year the family traditions will continue............

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