Monday, March 12, 2012

First Sights at Tulum

 The opportunity to take this photo stopped me dead in my tracks.  What a combination?  To me it sums up the contrasts in Mexico.  Do you wonder what she was taking a photo of?  And why?  It was a way to make 50 pesos to have your photo taken with the Indians!
 The body paint and the feathers in their headdresses were really well done.  Sad to me that they have to go to these lengths to make money.  But beautiful.
 This REAL jaguar skin stopped me also.  I took several photos of this man's costume.  It was so beautiful.  If anyone knows where they purchase their feathers please let me know.  I've sought out a source in Mexico for over twenty years.  I know they're in this country, but WHERE?
Interestingly, that night when we were in Playa del Carmen, these people were on 5th Avenue where you again could have your photo taken with them.  Must be a profitable "gig".
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vandy said...

I think you can find those feathers sticking out of the rear end of any Kara Kara.

Babs said...

And, WHERE is Kara Kara?

vandy said...

It's more accurately the Crested Caracara. Also commonly known as the Mexican Eagle. It's the national bird of Mexico. Duh. They are everywhere. Catch one...if you can. Or look for the feathers where they may hang out. Ask a "birder" in your local area. Good luck.

Babs said...

Yeah, right, I'll watch for one to fly over........especially......well, you know.

vandy said...

Birders don't actually fly. They just look up a birds.

Babs said...


Calypso said...

Never have paid for a photo op - but that crew could deserve a propina ;-)

Dan in NC said...

Babs, leave out a little ground beef on the top deck, and the friendly caracara that the folks in Balcones keep feeding might decide to visit you. Just make sure Velcro is inside. He was rehab'd a few years back and is used to people. Hope he is still around! Last summer I spotted him up on Montitlan, and he looked very healthy!
Cheers! Dan in NC