Monday, February 06, 2012

Missing the Water!






I haven't stopped missing the water yet. In this case, the Pacific Ocean. The sound of the surf. The different shades of the water depending on the time of the day. The way the sailboats look in the late afternoon sun versus in the morning when they sail out.

Somehow looking at my little reservoir in the canyon and out on the lights of San Miguel doesn't have the same effect right now. Somehow.

It is very, very quiet here at night. No sounds. I had gotten used to sleeping with all the windows and doors open at the ocean so I could hear the surf at night and the birds in the morning at sunrise. NOW it is just very quiet.

I know "this too shall pass" but right now I have a hankering to be barefoot again in as few clothes as I can get away with and not in socks, sweats and a jacket! Bah humbug.
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