Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Matilda


Could it possibly be four years since Matilda was born? It seems like yesterday that I drove like a racecar driver to Celaya for her birth. Four years, amazing.

She has gone from being a little cooing baby to a serious little girl, at times. This photo shows her serious side. She was busy thinking.

What joy she has brought to my life, as well as to all others. I'm continuously astounded at her intelligence. She will ask questions that are profound. Likewise her memory is all encompassing. Just a few days ago she was looking in my purse. I asked her what she was looking for and she told me my lipstick. She remembered me putting some gloss on her lips back in December when they were dry! Little things like that.

We've had so much fun in the last year dyeing easter eggs, baking cupcakes, piling up on the bed to watch movies, just to name a few things. We've been to the park, played in the garden and gone on hikes looking for rolly pollys and other creatures to investigate.

To see the world through a child's eyes is a treasure. To remember to be as soft and loving as they are is another gift.

I have been so blessed to have been given seven grandchildren to observe, to love, to laugh with and to be amazed at.
I'm a very lucky woman.

Happy Birthday Matilda! I so look forward to each and every time I'm with you - to see you grow, to learn, to giggle and to play.
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Gin said...

She is so beautiful. How well I remember when my first grandson, Thomas was four and seeing the awaking of his mind when as you say, their thoughts and minds began to tie together into beautiful speech and actions. Four years of age is my favorite age in a child. Enjoy!! Thomas is now 29 and has left his Grannie far behind.

Steve Cotton said...

Happy birthday, indeed!

sharkbait_Cordy said...

She is so beautiful! My first grandchild is due first part of April...I little boy, can't wait!

Babs said...

Grandchildren are a gift that can't be explained. You just have to enjoy the experience! said...

She is gorgeous and so much an Eckrote...looks like her dad and grammy. Hard to believe she is 4.