Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One's significance on earth

Being at the sea always give me a perspective on how insignificant one human is in the scheme of things in life. For me, that helps me to get things in perspective. It helps me in decision making and planning. It helps me to realize that it will all go on after me as it did before me.

I, as I'm sure we all do, worry about little and big things. I want to fix things and a few times in my life I couldn't. It was bigger then me and everything else around me. I refer to my husband's death, my daughter's illness and death and now my son's catastrophe that he is going through. Of course as a family we are all going through it with him and hope and pray that it all works out.

I was in such a state of anxiety by the time I left San Miguel and arrived where I am staying that I couldn't even turn my head because my neck was so tight. It took a few days of sitting and looking at this serene view to get my neck unkinked and my head back on straight.

Thankfully to a dear friend I had this opportunity to be here. Where oh where would I be without the dear, dear long-time friends that I have!

Actually I think I could sit and enjoy this view forever as there is no one around, literally, and although in the photo it looks like the view never changes, it does on a minute by minute basis.

It reminds me of a time when I went to see my Dad at his beach house in Galveston. He was ALWAYS out on the deck watching the Gulf. I commented about that fact. And way back then when I was in my 30's he said if you are quiet, you'll see that it is always changing. By darn, he was right!

I'm glad I'm having this opportunity.


alcuban said...

Barbara: I'm sorry that you've had so many family problems. I hope your stay at the beach helps you gain your equilibrium.


Babs said...

Thanks Al - as my mother used to say, "This too shall pass".