Saturday, October 15, 2011

Galveston, Oh Galveston!

I've been in the USA for four weeks as of today and I've somehow managed to be in Galveston four times! I'm here now for four or five days. Firmly ensconced in my friends Sue and Vandy's house just two blocks from the Gulf of Mexico. Aaaaah.

Good friends Sue and Vandy are........I have a key for the front door "forever" according to them. I reciprocate and they have stayed in my house when I've not been there. The last time for a month. I'm blessed to have many good friends like this.

I LOVE Galveston, always have. I used to kiddingly say that I lived on this island in another life. The first time I drove over the causeway in the early 60's I had such a sense of deja vue that I'm convinced I was a deck wench on a pirate ship.......or something like that.

It's not just the water. It's the funkiness mixed in with the few highrises mixed in with the farms on the far west end of the island. The beaches are ALL open to the public which I find amazing. In addition there are lots of areas where there are no buildings and so a good long walk looking at dunes, seabirds and the beautiful sky is a real treat.

It's also a very laid back place. No fancy clothes necessary - well, except if you're going to something fancy. In fact, the social calendar here is amazingly diverse and very, very busy if one wants to get into that - with tuxedos the norm.

I'm not planning on anything fancy this trip. My friends have gone out of town while I'm here. So I'm just planning on lazing on the beach - eating some good seafood and enjoying the laid back attitude after having driven around Houston for a lot of this past four weeks.

I'm off to the Wings Over Houston airshow tomorrow. And last night was Ned's 75th birthday party - of Ned and Billie fame - so, this vacation has been busy and GREAT fun.........even though I am a wee bit antsy. Maybe being at the water will quiet that feeling. It usually does.


Kay Cox said...

What a beautiful weekend for Galveston. I was there yesterday with daughter and granddaughter. The air was clean, the water sparkling, and very few folk on the beach.

Babs said...


Calypso said...

I thought you were on your way home - suddenly you are in Galveston - You are unpredictable.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

You would make a fabulous deck wench.

Babs said...

Cause I have red hair, right?

Babs said...

I'll head home..........eventually.

Laurie Matherne said...

My mother and father loved Galveston. I need to take my mom back for a visit. I am a bit like you in that I love to travel. I started for New Orleans a few weeks ago, and ended up in Maine. Then back south. Enjoy!

Babs said...

I SO want to get to NOLA on this trip - not sure if that will happen....Miss it terribly!