Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Never Know




One never knows what to expect when walking into the jardin. The jardin is the center of life in San Miguel de Allende and most villages throughout Mexico. The Parroquia is the religious centerpoint. Most things of importance occur in front of the Parroquia and the jardin.

It's always fun to walk in and see if there will be Aztecan dancers. Or the taxis with their hoods open waiting to be blessed which I have seen. Another day all the new office furniture was stacked in front waiting to be blessed to be taken to the Municipal building. Nothing fancy. Metal desks and file cabinets.

I find these things charming and innocent.

One day last week upon entering the jardin I saw a row of ATV's. Not my favorite thing. Noisy, polluting things, in my humble opinion. I had to stand and watch for a while before I could figure out why they kept circling on the streets surrounding the jardin.

Finally I got it. They were filming a commercial for something - ATV's I presume. I thought it was very interesting that the participants were wearing bandanas over their faces. I wondered if it was to hide their faces or because of the noxious fumes. Probably both?

It just goes to show you that no two days in Mexico are ever alike. No sterile environment here. It could as easily have been a llama in the back of a truck or a parade or a Zumba class which has happened many times. The list goes on and on.............

Viva Mexico!
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Life's a Beach! said...

One time in Cabo on a dreadful company trip, I was forced into one of those ATV/Zipline tours. Everyone was given those bandanas to wear. I put mine around the neck, but everyone else looked like bandits in an old Western with the things tied around their faces. After I started choking on the unbelievable amount of dust kicked up by the thing, I got mine over my face! What a weird setting to film an ATV ad!

Babs said...

Yes, I thought it was a weird place too Beck but the Parroquia is such a symbol to Mexicans......who knows?

Never thought of the dust! YUK