Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simple Days and Quiet Nights



It started raining on Monday the 20th. Just soft, quiet rain. Aaaah. It turned into a cresendo on Thursday night.
THAT was a "six towel" night.......towels still drying that I had to prop under the rooftop door to stop the cascada, waterfall from coming down three flights of stairs. Not complaining, at all. Just documenting.

I've been a busy bee in the garden. Yes, I have a gardener, but, well. I like to do the trimming and pruning myself and repotting. It is absolutely astonishing how after just a few days the garden is green and lush. After basically nine months of no rain, how can the three inches of rain we've had have such an impact?

In addition while working up on the roof terrace this morning, I looked over at the presa, reservoir and the amount of water in there is also surprising. It was BONE dry last week. The kids were playing soccer down there.
And now, the egrets and the red buntings, among others, are flitting and landing in all kinds of aerodynamic ways.

Kinda hunkering down at home this week while reading and putzing has been a delight. Weeks like this are what being retired is all about. I enjoy them very, very much.
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Steve Cotton said...

Funny. I was having similar thoughts about retirement this week. I have been reading. For three days, I never left the property. It felt fine.

Babs said...

I too have been reading - a book about the Aztecs that is so involved that I dislike stopping and starting.....for two days I lounged up on the big sofa near the windows on the world and was in absolute heaven!