Wednesday, April 27, 2011

San Miguel Scenes

It seems that I'm always posting photos of processions and celebrations. Or family events. Once in a while I "do" social events too. This past week was chock-a-block full of social events. Two in the country or campo, as we say and one in town at a lovely home.

The photos of the garden and beautiful orchid blooming on the tree were taken at a San Miguel garden club. The house is at the end of a dead end street. You would have no idea at its depth and breadth until the gate is open. What a beautiful, green, lush surprise. The owner obviously, at some point, lived abroad as the home is filled with beautiful Oriental decorative accessories. Hence the shelter out in the garden with the Asian influence. Lovely, isn't it? This home is in the "centro" of San Miguel. I would guesstimate it is on about three or four lots.

On Sunday I drove to the country to a beautiful ranch for Easter dinner. What a festive event. There must have been close to 50 or more people there. It was a potluck, which is always fun. To add to the enjoyment the Estudiantes from Guanajuato sang for about an hour. What a great sound. In the winter they wear these beautiful velvet costumes. Often, at night you'll see them walking down the streets of San Miguel singing on their way to the jardin. It is always a thrill for me.

The most celebratory and amazing event was last week. It was the wedding celebration of my dear friend Bill and his new bride Elvira. All of us there were amazed and thrilled for them. It is the first marriage for Bill who just turned 65!
Elvira is from Uruguay. They met in San Miguel where her grown children live and after five years this amazing event happened.

It is a beautiful ranch only six kilometers outside of town. What lovely rolling hills. The ranch has guest rooms to rent along with stables and a chapel. All can be rented for events. I had no idea of its existence.

A great band played and the celebration lasted into the night. As wedding celebrations should.

What a week..............

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Wow, Bill got married? Wonders never cease...good for him and Elvira. Sounds like a lovely week in SM and surroundings. So glad you are enjoying the good life but when are you headed our way?