Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Insider's Outsider's Art Show




For those of you who have read this blog for a while, you know that I'm an enthusiastic collector of both Mexican folkart and outsider art. I have traveled throughout the USA and Mexico to meet artists, artesans and to see outsider environments.

The most spectacular "outsider" environment in Mexico is Las Pozas near Xilitla, Mexico. I've been there several times.
Next to that is Casa Ranas created by Anado and his partner Richard here in San Miguel. When I've had the opportunity, I've shared it with those who appreciate unique and creative environments.

Anado has had an eclectic life. Traveling and living in all kinds of cool places. He and Richard created their own environment, home and chapel. The Chapel of Jimmy Ray. Worth a trip to San Miguel to see this, in my opinion. The New York Times and other publications, too numerous to mention, have written not only about the house, but about Anado's creations/assemblages.

I have one creation of Anado's. It's at the top of the stairs and EVERY day it is the thing I see as I head up to start my day. It is always a delight. Matilda, my three year old granddaughter is totally fascinated by the work and stands for quite a long time each time she is here to notice lots of things and point them out - especially the swinging angel.

Not long ago Anado had a show in Baltimore at the Visionary Art Museum - a BIG deal - VERY big. It was thrilling to know he had reached this level of exposure in the art world. He deserves it.........

Happily a new exhibit opened in San Miguel last evening called "The Insider's Outsider's Art Show". What a happy show to see. Anado's creativity was exhuberant, playful and developing........always with a great message, if you take time to observe.

The exhibit is up for a month at Galeria/Atelier at Fabrica La Aurora. If you're in town, go see it. You'll leave with an uplifted spirit - I promise.

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